Finding the best email marketing service for your real estate business is a difficult job. It needs to fulfill all of your needs and serve you properly.

You need templates so your emails can look good, you need that automation which makes emailing and keeping track of your database easy.

Email Marketing is one of the best things you can do for your business if you want to stay on top of your customers’ minds and be the one they turn to when they need a real estate business.

Email marketing services are usually very similar when it comes to features and prices. So, how to know which email marketing service is the best one for you?

Here is our comparison:


mailchimp for real estate

This is a simple email tool that has a great free plan. There are a bunch of useful features you can use and even social media integration. It’s always changing and evolving, there are many templates and great support team.

Agents on a budget can benefit from this tool as well as anyone who needs a tool packed with great features.

Other plans are not too expensive either. So, if you are just starting out with your company newsletter and you don’t have many subscribers, this could be the perfect service to use.

It’s also very user-friendly which is especially great if you haven’t used an email marketing service before and you are just getting acquainted with the system.

You can do a lot with this simple email marketing service. In fact, your emails can look professional and polished, even on a free plan. Create your own style and design that can be applied to any future emails or go minimalistic with text only. Add beautiful images of your properties, add links, social media profiles and so on.

You can also build this email marketing service into your website by embedding a snippet of code (which MailChimp provides) to your site. This will show up on your website as a subscribe button and form. How simple is that?

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This is a very popular tool that has been in use for a very long time. The features are what you would expect from a high quality email service provider.

Aweber went out of their way to showcase how beneficial they are for real estate agents.

You’ll get access to drag and drop email builder as well as a selection of great templates and integrations. You can also create automated email marketing sequences and base it on triggers. You’ll have an access to all kinds of stats and it’s not too expensive.

This service is not expensive either. Its pricing is based on the number of subscribers you have. So, if you don’t have too many, it can be really affordable. You also get an access to discounts. t

Te best part is that you have access to all features no matter what your plan is. So, you get to use the same features as someone who pays for the most expensive plan, even if you are paying for the cheapest plan.

It allows you to import your email database, to use autoresponders, to build your own templates according to what you need. You can do split testing there and segment your list as well.


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Constant Contact

constant contact for real estate agents

They have many truly unique features which you will find very useful for your business.

Beyond that, you will find niche-specific templates and dashboard which will show the most important elements of your email statistics.

They also provide numerous guides and are very helpful.

However, this service doesn’t really have any automation and the tool is very expensive in comparison to other tools. Still, it’s great for small businesses that need more than just email marketing. You can choose between two plans that break down into more pricing levels based on the number of email subscribers.

You can get a two month free trial that would help you understand this service better but if you want to cancel your membership, it can get a bit complicated. You have to call their customer service during specific office hours, whereas other services would let you know that your free trial is coming to an end and allow you to simply tick a box if you want to stop using a service.

They do offer some great features and some businesses could find it useful. One thing that would be great as an addition is the automation of emails which is not there at the moment.


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sendinblue for real estate

This email marketing solution is great for people with low budget because it has a free plan. This version is limited but no so much to render it unusable. The plans are based on the number of emails sent and not on the number of contacts that people have. There’s list management, campaign reporting and email layout optimization.

For more features, you would have to upgrade to something more expensive. This is great for businesses that send a lot of emails. In the free plan, you get to send up to 300 emails per day and not more than 9000 emails per month. For more, you have more expensive plans.

Depending on how your email marketing works, you might find your best friend in this service, but you might also not like it at all. So, keep this in mind – the good thing is that you can test this tool easily through the free plan and then see if it works for you. All in all, there are better options out there but this one may turn out to be the one just for you.


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getresponse for real estate

This is more than just an email marketing platform, but rather a landing page creator and a webinar solution. There’s a drag and drop builder as well as tools for list segmentation, a/b testing, autoresponders, software integrations, perfect timing and so on. There are guides for this service so you’ll always know how to use it. It doesn’t have a free plan and the plans are based on the number of subscribers.

This service actually does more than what’s expected, especially with its webinar and landing page solutions. However, if you don’t need these services, you might be paying more than what you want. On the other hand, it’s a user-friendly solution that pairs style and functionality well.


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This company targets creators like vloggers, bloggers, authors, influencers, Instagram stars, course creators and so on. It’s easy to create email automation workflows, especially through the visual builder. You can also create landing pages. There are plenty more useful features that can be used and it’s great for people who don’t mind spending a bit more money on this. The features for the plans are the same, they just increase the number of subscribers. And finally, this tool is good for you if you don’t mind just sending plain text emails.

As a real-estate company, an email marketing service that targets other industries may not be your ideal one, but there’s value to be found here as well. The simplistic nature of the end product can be really appealing and make it seem as if an email is coming from a friend and not a company. This approach can make a difference in how your subscribers perceive you and it can help you become more popular, in a way.

However, this might not be your style and you might want elaborate templates that represent your company spirit, so make sure that you review what you want before you start working with this service.


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drip email marketing

This is a fairly new email marketing provider which targets bloggers and ecommerce site owners. It’s very beginner friendly and it’s intelligent. You can see the returning visitors and new visitors, abandoned carts, people who clicked on links etc. You should use this if you sell a lot of products and you want to create something complex without having too much trouble. There is a completely free plan and then there are some more expensive plans.

This might not be the perfect place for a real estate business, but it can be useful in certain situation.


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keap email marketing

This is a very robust email marketing provider which combines CRM, email marketing and many other features. You have the opportunity to create full customer profiles and campaigns. This tool makes email simple and easy. The problem is that it doesn’t have split testing, It’s good for medium sized businesses and people who need multiple tools in one.


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Email marketing services are abundant on the web which makes it hard for companies to go for the right one.

It all depends on what you need, but your best bets might be MailChimp or Aweber as the most affordable on the list. I

t’s not just about the price either, they actually provide a lot of value for their users and the support teams are great. Make sure that you think about your decision carefully, especially if you have to pay for the plan you want. Examine all of your options and stick with the one that works for you best.


Aimee Laurence is a blog editor at Dissertation Help Service. She writes about real estate and email marketing.