Links are the currency of the web. They’re so important that Google uses them to gauge the usefulness of a particular blog page and where it should rank in their search engine results pages (SERPs). (Neil Patel)

Link building, local SEO, and social media marketing may not be things that realtors think about on a daily basis, but in today’s digital age, these tools can help market you, your listings, and your quality customer service. Today I’ll show you three ways to start building links.

After that, I’ll show you a massive infographic with tons of other ways to build even more links and make your presence known to new and existing clientele!


3 Simple and Easy Ways For Realtors to Build Links


Why should realtors be building links anyway?

  • It helps more people find you
  • It raises your credibility
  • It helps your site rank higher on search results!


Here are three ways to do it:


#1 – Start a Blog


Being able to post articles and send them to your email subscribers is a great way to start earning backlinks as people share them with their friends and family. You’ll need a resource that’s great for making a blog. Once it’s up and running, start using it to create useful posts about your community, packed with information your clients need when looking at homes there.


#2 – Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, these are the best websites to be on as a realtor. By creating profiles on here and sharing useful information or posts with your audience, you can earn backlinks through others who share your links. The key here is to respond and engage with your users for maximum results. This helps you build trust with your clients.


#3 – Local SEO


Local SEO is extremely easy for realtors. You can get yourself listed in local directories and ask for some Yelp reviews from your satisfied customers. You can also donate to local charities or events and have your name listed. Anything local that helps you and your website appear online is great for your backlinks.

Start Building Backlinks as a Realtor (Infographic)


Check out the infographic below and feel free to share it with your fellow realtors. Let us know how it helped you in the comments below!


Link Building INfographic