As a real estate agent, you want every advantage you can get. If you’re doing things the old fashioned way without the help of the best real estate software tools you’re going to hold yourself back.


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Buyers and sellers have been at the forefront of the app and software space, whether that’s through buying new homes or searching the web for an agent.


But, there’s an entire world of real estate software that can transform your business. Real estate software can help you stay organized, improve productivity, generate more leads, and make paperwork much easier. 


What Makes Real Estate Software So Great?


A lot of the tasks you have to accomplish as a real estate agent can get very repetitive. Whether that’s filing paperwork, signing offers and closing documents, sending and embedding videos, sending out marketing materials, and even just general communication.


Imagine all of the time and energy you could save by automating, or even just cutting down the time you have to spend with these tasks?


There are a ton of different software solutions that you can implement into your daily workflow. 


But, not every application is created equal. The last thing you want is to implement a new real estate software solution and have it slow down your existing process. 


The best real estate software tools can help make your real estate workflow so much easier, for example: 


  • It makes communication much easier between agents, buyers, and sellers
  • It streamlines certain aspects of the real estate process, like lead generation, email marketing, follow up and more
  • It streamlines the workflow, so you can do more work in less time, and focus on more important aspects of your business
  • It helps you get a better picture of your what stage of the buyer lifecycle your leads are at


If you’re looking to streamline your real estate workflow while cutting down on repetitive tasks, so you can focus on selling, then the tools in this list will help you do just that. 


What to Look for in the Best Real Estate Software?


There’s no best real estate software across the board, but instead the best software for your needs. Use the questions below to help guide you in your search:


  • Will it scale with your business or is it best suited for single agents? 
  • Is the price within your budget?
  • Does it provide all the features you need? Or do you want multiple tools?
  • Is it easy enough to use daily?
  • Will it integrate with existing software you’re using?
  • Is tech support included if any issues arise?
  • Is the tool continuously being developed with new features?


The 21 Best Real Estate Software Tools


Here is the best real estate software on the market today. You might not need every tool on the list but guaranteed one of two of the tools below will transform how you work.


Let’s dive in!




zillow premiere


Zillow Premier Agent is a must-have tool for real estate agents


The free version of the tool allows you to submit your listings and claim listings that are yours but were uploaded from your MLS.


But, the Premier version of the tool takes this a step further. Instead of having other agents listed on the listing profile, you will be the sole agent whose listed. 


This means you’ll have a much greater chance of interested parties getting in contact with you directly. 




bold leads


BoldLeads is a feature-packed lead generation tool. With this software tool, you’ll have everything you need to generate leads and convert them into actual buyers and sellers.


Right away you’ll get access to landing pages that have been A/B tested to help you get the highest conversion rate possible. You’ll also get an integrated CRM, along with automated email and text message follow-ups.


This tool also integrates with some of the most popular real estate CRMs out there today. So, you can generate leads and send them directly into your preferred customer management tool.