As a real estate agent, you want every advantage you can get. If you’re doing things the old fashioned way without the help of the best real estate software tools you’re going to hold yourself back.


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Buyers and sellers have been at the forefront of the app and software space, whether that’s through buying new homes or searching the web for an agent.


But, there’s an entire world of real estate software that can transform your business. Real estate software can help you stay organized, improve productivity, generate more leads, and make paperwork much easier. 


What Makes Real Estate Software So Great?


A lot of the tasks you have to accomplish as a real estate agent can get very repetitive. Whether that’s filing paperwork, signing offers and closing documents, sending and embedding videos, sending out marketing materials, and even just general communication.


Imagine all of the time and energy you could save by automating, or even just cutting down the time you have to spend with these tasks?


There are a ton of different software solutions that you can implement into your daily workflow. 


But, not every application is created equal. The last thing you want is to implement a new real estate software solution and have it slow down your existing process. 


The best real estate software tools can help make your real estate workflow so much easier, for example: 


  • It makes communication much easier between agents, buyers, and sellers
  • It streamlines certain aspects of the real estate process, like lead generation, email marketing, follow up and more
  • It streamlines the workflow, so you can do more work in less time, and focus on more important aspects of your business
  • It helps you get a better picture of your what stage of the buyer lifecycle your leads are at


If you’re looking to streamline your real estate workflow while cutting down on repetitive tasks, so you can focus on selling, then the tools in this list will help you do just that. 


What to Look for in the Best Real Estate Software?


There’s no best real estate software across the board, but instead the best software for your needs. Use the questions below to help guide you in your search:


  • Will it scale with your business or is it best suited for single agents? 
  • Is the price within your budget?
  • Does it provide all the features you need? Or do you want multiple tools?
  • Is it easy enough to use daily?
  • Will it integrate with existing software you’re using?
  • Is tech support included if any issues arise?
  • Is the tool continuously being developed with new features?


The 21 Best Real Estate Software Tools


Here is the best real estate software on the market today. You might not need every tool on the list but guaranteed one of two of the tools below will transform how you work.


Let’s dive in!




zillow premiere


Zillow Premier Agent is a must-have tool for real estate agents


The free version of the tool allows you to submit your listings and claim listings that are yours but were uploaded from your MLS.


But, the Premier version of the tool takes this a step further. Instead of having other agents listed on the listing profile, you will be the sole agent whose listed. 


This means you’ll have a much greater chance of interested parties getting in contact with you directly. 




bold leads


BoldLeads is a feature-packed lead generation tool. With this software tool, you’ll have everything you need to generate leads and convert them into actual buyers and sellers.


Right away you’ll get access to landing pages that have been A/B tested to help you get the highest conversion rate possible. You’ll also get an integrated CRM, along with automated email and text message follow-ups.


This tool also integrates with some of the most popular real estate CRMs out there today. So, you can generate leads and send them directly into your preferred customer management tool.






Structurely is an AI-based lead qualification tool for real estate agents. Instead of wasting time on leads that lead nowhere, this tool will qualify your leads for you.


Whenever a lead gets in touch with you via your website, live chat tool, or even via Facebook messenger the chatbot will take over for you.


The chatbot will ask qualifying questions and can even schedule appointments for you if the lead is worth your time. You can also take over the conversation at any time, or have the chatbot take over your existing conversation. 


It even integrates with your mobile device, so you can keep tabs when you’re on the go. 




fresh chat


You might have come across live chat software when browsing the web. With Freshchat you can add this feature to your website. 


With this tool, you can ensure that you’ll convert more website visitors into actual leads. 


The moment a visitor comes to your website they’ll be greeted with a chat window where they can ask questions. You have the option to have chat questions sent to your phone for you to respond to, or you can integrate a chatbot to answer questions on your behalf. 


The basic chatbot is included free, or you can choose to upgrade to a more advanced AI for an additional fee. 



cloud agent suite


Cloud Attract is a landing page creation tool that helps with lead collection and is part of the Cloud Agent Suite of tools. In a couple of steps, you can create a beautiful and functional landing page that’s ready to generate leads.


All it takes is 5 steps and you can have a professionally designed landing page built for buyers or sellers.


You can fully customize the information you want to collect from your leads, and your new leads will be sent to your email the moment they sign up.


There are all kinds of customization options, and it’s incredibly easy to use, setting up a landing page will take no longer than 5 minutes.  




area pulse


Pulling together local market data and generating reports can be a time-intensive task to send out to new clients of investors. 


Instead, you can use the AreaPulse software to automate the entire data collection task. Plus, this software generates great-looking visual reports. 


No more confusing spreadsheets and boring reports, the market reports generated by AreaPulse are graphically based and easy to read. 




key me


Getting copies of keys can be a hassle and frustrating experience, especially when you’re trying to manage multiple listings at once. 


KeyMe is a unique app that lets you take a picture of a homeowner’s key and get the key made at a local KeyMe kiosk. 


This means no more time spent trying to borrow the homeowner’s keys. Just take a picture and you’re all set. Plus, if the key gets lost you already have a picture saved on your phone and can make a new copy ASAP.




real scout


RealScout is a lead nurturing tool that can help save you a ton of time in the lead nurturing process. 


Essentially, this tool will scour the MLS for new listings that align with what your leads are looking for and will automatically send an email with those listings.


There are over 400 different criteria that you can sort and filter by. Plus, the automated emails look like they were sent directly from you, the agent. If you’re looking to help automate and simplify the lead nurturing process this is a tool you have to test out.


Both individual agents and teams can use this tool. When you sign up you’ll get access to a branded and searchable MLS portal, lead sharing, support for unlimited clients, along with many other lead generation tools. 




property base


Propertybase is an all-in-one real estate management solution. A lot of real estate software solutions offer a ton of features, but some can be kind of lacking.


First, you’ll find a robust CRM that’s equivalent to Salesforce and packed with features. You can import leads into Propertybase from virtually anywhere, and will integrate with a lot of the other tools featured on this list.


You’ll find in-depth lead segmentation tools, email campaign features, and a lot more that’s designed to help match your buyers with their dream properties. 


Propertybase is also equipped with a website builder, so you can create a fully functional website using this tool as well. 



cloud mlx


Cloud Agent MLS helps to simplify and upgrade the traditional and clunky MLS. The MLS feels like it hasn’t been updated since the early 90s, this tool helps to bring it into the modern-day.


This tool sits on top of your current MLS and gives you an incredibly easy and intuitive way to access all the data the MLS provides.


Cloud Agent Suite also integrates and works seamlessly with other apps in your workflow. If you feel like the old MLS is slowing you down, then this is a tool worth trying out. 




showing time

It can be difficult to keep on top of everything when you’re juggling multiple open houses.


Showing Time can help to organize and manage every aspect of your open house, from scheduling, lockbox codes, pictures, buyer and agent feedback, and much more. You can even send out listing reports directly within the software as well. 


It even integrates with the two most popular lockbox software Supra eKEY and Sentrilock. 




idx broker


IDX Broker is the most used IDX service in the US and has been one of my go to’s for the last 12 years.  I have found it to be the most reliable way to add MLS data to your WordPress real estate website.

With the release of Market Reports and their new and improved listing layouts IDX Broker continues to deliver a great product.

Modern, interactive search & display map templates with Home Atlas. Deliver a seamless lead home search experience, optimized for user flow. Powerful features to help you manage yourself an office and teams.




showcase IDX


Showcase IDX integrates an attractive and easy to browse listings tool into your website. Your visitors can search for listings and even browse via an integrated map. 


Plus, you can integrate this tool into your website without any programming experience. Just drop the widget into your website and it’ll start displaying your listings.


It’s equipped with all kinds of IDX tools, including polygon view, Google Maps, property saving ability, and much more. 


It’s very easy to customize, and there are a few different pricing plans depending on your needs as an agent. 






If you’re looking for free real estate software, then Zumper might be what you’re looking for. 


Zumper will present your rental listings in an attractive and easy to browse format. Think of it like Trulia and other rental apps all in one. 


It even has unique features, like the ability to run credit reports, and process rental applications. 


If you’re in the rental space this is a must-have app, best of all, it’s entirely free to use. 






You can think of Placester as an all-in-one real estate website solution. If you don’t want to spend hours getting your website to look right and integrate with your IDX, you can let this tool do everything for you.


Placester is a complete turnkey solution. You’ll have a great looking website, with a built-in CRM, IDX integration, and email marketing integration. If you’re just getting started this tool can help get your digital marketing off the ground.


Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy.






Are you still collecting contact information on a signup form during your open house? 


Spacio is a feature-rich app that can help you create a paperless open house. Essentially, it’s a digital sign-in sheet that will integrate with most existing real estate CRMs.


This will save you a ton of time with data entry, as your lead information is directly imported into your real estate CRM of choice.  




vrx staging


VRX Staging is virtual staging software that you can use to help stage homes to make the property home appealing.


There are all kinds of features you can add to the shots of your home, including blue skies, grass, change the lightning, and even remove furniture and other items from the home. 


There’s also a free consultation included ahead of time, so they can be sure the services they offer meet your needs. There’s also a flat fee per image, regardless of how many edits need to be made to your photos. 






Revaluate uses predictive analytics and AI to help agents and brokers determine when homeowners are likely to move. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, all of this happens in the background.


It pulls data from several sources, like social media, demographics, and consumer data. All of this combined will predict homeowners that are most likely to move within 3 to 6 months. 


This can help you evaluate leads and save you time and energy trying to find sellers to get in contact with. 




wise agent


Wise Agent is an email automation tool that will help you stay in touch with your leads. It’s highly customizable and is built to help make your marketing run on autopilot.


Once you fire up the tool there are over a dozen different pre-made email campaigns you can choose from, including past client follow-ups, and new lead nurturing campaigns.


The tool is highly customizable as well, you can customize every email, plus choose the schedule you’d like the email to go out. 




lion desk


LionDesk simplifies the image and video sending process. Sometimes won’t do when describing a property, instead, you can use this tool to help your properties come to life. 


Once you record a video or take pictures of your property you can use this tool to send them out to clients via email or text. This tool is very high quality too, so it won’t deliver grainy images or videos.


Beyond sending high-quality images and videos you’ll also find CRM tools, email marketing tools, contact management, and much more. Even with all these features, it’s incredibly easy to use. 






Dotloop is a real estate tool that’ll help you manage all of your documents and electronic signatures. It’ll assist you throughout every part of the transaction process, from creating forms to getting documents signed, to storing documents.


You’ll also find a built-in transaction management platform, along with templates, tools, and workflows. If you’re looking to help manage all of your documents digitally, this tool will help you do just that.


Which of the Real Estate Software Solutions are Best for You?


By now you should have a handful of real estate software solutions you’re thinking of implementing for yourself or your team. As you can see, there are a ton of different tools to choose from. Some are more all-in-one solutions, while others cater to very specific tasks and goals. 


A lot of your choice will come down to your personal preferences, the current software you may or may not be using, and the size of your team. 


Remember, there isn’t a single app that’ll handle everything for you, but by spending time finding the perfect app for your needs you’ll make your life easier while improving client relationships.


Ultimately, the real estate software you choose should help you close more deals across the board and make streamlining your business feel effortless. 



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