There are a number of advertising techniques used to increase the success of your real estate business. Some are more powerful then others and can vary significantly in cost.

As you probably know we generally focus more on Digital Marketing strategies.  We are also hyper aware of the fact that this is a face to face business and we need tools to make a good impression.

We have found a fantastic way not only to win listings and help demonstrate the many steps of a real estate transaction.

This is through buyer’s / seller’s Guides and Listing Presentations offered by Tiny Tomato Design.

There are a few templated solutions for presentations like these… but what if you could get them customized to your branding?

Would you agree that this would help present your business as Legitimate and Authoritative?

Tiny Tomato Design is a motivated design group specialising in real estate.  They offer these custom real estate guides to give you the competitive edge above the competition. Their products and services are focused on growing your business which in turn will maximise your profits.

One of their ‘MUST HAVE’ products is their Buyer’s / Seller’s Guides and Listing Presentations. These are fantastic tools that can help you gain a competitive edge on your competitors.


Listing Presentations To Help Agents Win Listings:


What is the easiest way to give yourself a raise?

Convert listing presentations at a higher rate.

With a strong custom listing presentation, you will have a much better chance to not only win the listing, but will also establish yourself as the real estate professional to better establish credibility with your client.

Instead of falling into the position of overpricing, and over promising on marketing, you will have shown in your custom listing presentation how your selling plan works, and exactly how you intend to help sell their home. And you will have demonstrated your value.

You will also make a better case for not lowering your commission. 

Custom designed Listing Presentation $348


Buyers and Sellers Guides To Help Agents Generate Leads:


Sellers Guide

The buyer’s and seller’s guides are handy quick reference documents that contain a whole range of relevant information about the process of buying or selling a residential property with a real estate broker.

These guides are specifically design to your company’s brand and business values, making them unique and personalised.

Sellers Guide

Use this in combination with your listing presentation to convert a higher percentage of listing appointments.  Add the digital version to your website to show visitors that your knowledgeable and credible.

Your customized sellers guide will include:

    • How we can help you
    • Disclosure of representation
    • Agency relationships
    • Determining value
    • Value of a real estate professional
    • 3 risks of over-pricing
    • Where does the commission go
    • What does the seller provide
    • From offer to completed sale
    • 8 mistakes to look for
    • You are the key player on the team
    • What to expect and when
    • Showings and open houses
    • Moving day checklist
    • Who we are

Custom designed Sellers Guide $249


Buyers Guide


Use this guide in your buyers appointments, hand them out at open houses, and add the digital version to your website.

Buyers Guide

Your Personalized Buyers Guide will include:

    • Where do I begin looking for a home
    • Agency relationships
    • Disclosure of representation
    • Property acquisition
    • 18 steps to buying a home
    • Market conditions
    • Property transfer tax
    • The 3 step approach
    • What is a real estate agent
    • Advantages of using a real estate agent
    • Buyer consultation
    • Don’t use the listing agent
    • Frequently asked questions
    • 10 buying mistakes to avoid
    • Don’t do these before purchasing
    • Buyer’s estimated expenses
    • How do i make an offer
    • Property transfer tax
    • Closing costs
    • Important phone numbers
    • Who we are

Custom designed Buyers Guide $269


They also offer all three guides as a package deal for $799. To order your customized presentations follow the following link: (