Green Ocean Weekly Podcast

Mattering Part 1

Mattering Part 2

Co-Hosts Paige Ward, Jason Fox and Howard Chung interview subject matter expert, Dr. Chung, on the topic of‘mattering.’ We all need to know and feel that we matter in the workplace and in our communities. We also need to know and feel that the work we do also matters in our workplace and communities.

Oftentimes we talk about ‘culture’ within our offices however we can’t have a healthy culture unless we have a strategy that involves this topic

We continue our conversation with Helen on the topic of ‘mattering.’ The importance of mattering, and more specifically, #blacklivesmatter, is something that all of us need to work on. It starts with awareness but then we need to move into relationship building and a long-term commitment to evolve just as racism evolves. As real estate leaders and professionals, we have a responsibility to do more and be more as related to diversity, equity, and inclusion which is good for our clients, our communities, as well as our businesses.

Episode 8 Video Transcript

welcome to the green ocean weekly
a show to inspire current and aspiring
leaders in real estate
i’m paige ward your host so welcome
to part one of a two-part episode
one that’s kind of near and dear to my
heart because it gets you in the feels
and i love that
so but we’re really going to talk today
meaning and purpose and mattering
when it comes right down to it it’s such
a basic human need and we all want to
and we want to all feel like we matter
we have a special guest today
helen chung who’s amazing and she’s
going to be sharing her
insight and i know that we’re all going
to really benefit from that
so i want to uh really quickly touch
on what went well that’s something we
like to do every week as you know and so
helen i think you’re probably familiar
with this so
since you’re our special guest what went
well for you this week
that’s a great question i was looking
forward to i was looking forward to
answering this one
so a highlight for me this week
was actually it occurred last night
my our youngest son his name is james
he’s 15. decided to make dinner
you know sometimes he gets a little bit
when he cooks and and i i haven’t always
sure about why what’s the cause of the
grumpiness is it because like
he’s resentful that i’m not cooking for
or is it you know what could it be so i
to take a break because i was working
all day in my office i decided to take a
break go into the kitchen
and i just helped him out by
cleaning up doing the dishes asking him
oh what are you going to put in next
um suggesting why don’t you try putting
in some basil
you put in at the end it doesn’t cook
all the way through
and he was not at all grumpy
and you know the finished product itself
was delic