“When properly developed and well distributed, you’ll find few other investments that pay off as well as having a real estate brochure” (RealtorMag)


Try to remember the last time you held a brochure in your hands. Did you toss it immediately, or did you flip through the pages to see what it was all about?


People tend to trash flyers, toss junk mail and delete emails immediately; but brochures have greater staying power. When well designed, they can be engaging enough to get your audience to take a glance inside, at the very least.


And sometimes, that’s all it takes to attract new customers.


But isn’t marketing today all about digital?


Digital certainly has its place when it comes to real estate advertising. But to get the greatest results and sell the most homes, it’s important to create a full 360-degree campaign that includes a print brochure.


Besides rounding out your marketing efforts, brochures are more flexible than digital marketing methods and reach customers in a variety of settings. They can be distributed at open houses, accompany For Sale signage, and even reach potential clients at their homes through mail.


In addition, not everyone is online! It’s important to market to all of your potential clients, even the ones that are lagging behind in the technology department. Brochures ensure you don’t exclude any potential customers.


This is how to build real estate brochures and sell more homes.




BeFunky is an online Creative Platform that offers an incredibly powerful yet easy-to-use Photo Editor and Graphic Designer. Between their suite of platforms, you’ve got an array of real estate tools right at your fingertips.


  • Their Photo Editor is ideal for retouching photos and making your properties look their absolute best


Real Estate Photo Editor


  • Their Graphic Designer offers a Brochure Maker with pre-designed templates, making it easy to create professional quality brochures, regardless of your design experience (you can also use their customizable templates for Facebook posts, social media headers, web ads and more)




We all know that when it comes to real estate, appearances are everything. A beautiful photo can either make or break a sale, which is why it’s incredibly important to make sure the homes in your brochure look their absolute best.


This where BeFunky’s Photo Editor comes in. It’s ideal for retouching images and making your properties look beautiful, no matter the conditions when the photo was taken.


If the weather wasn’t ideal on the day you took your photo, you can use their Exposure tool to turn the up brightness, increase highlights and create the illusion of sun.


Are unattractive shadows being cast on your image? If so, you can turn the shadows down to easily make them disappear.


Or maybe unsightly objects are cluttering your photo and distracting your viewers from focusing on the home you’re selling. Did someone leave a garden hose out that’s ruining an otherwise flawless photo? With BeFunky’s Clone tool you can remove any object from your photo in a few simple steps.


Lastly, applying their Sharpen tool is a great finishing touch to any photo. The more you increase its intensity, the crisper the details in your photo become. It will highlight ornate woodcarvings, carefully crafted stonework and other intricacies that make a home unique.


Brochure Maker




When you have a real estate brochure, everyone will know you mean business. They offer an unbeatable way to present your listings to the world and sell homes faster. But unfortunately, creating a professional quality brochure usually means hiring an expensive design agency.


But thanks to BeFunky’s Brochure Maker, you can create your own real estate brochure free of cost (minus printing).


It couldn’t be easier either. They offer a range of easy-to-use templates that have been pre-designed by professional graphic designers.


That means the layout, color scheme, font selection and every other design aspect has already been taken care of. All you have to do is drag and drop your photos and customize your text to create a high quality real estate brochure that’ll hook your audience and present your properties in the best light.


befunky real estate brochure maker



Of course, they offer plenty of customization options as well. If you’re feeling creative, you can personalize your brochure with a wide range of different graphics, fonts and design elements. Or, you can even start from scratch with a blank template.


Real Estate Brochures


BeFunky is also integrated with the free photography website, Pixabay. This handy feature makes it simple for you to customize your brochure design with stock photos, at absolutely no cost.


But even though images will hook your audience, it’s the copy that will keep them engaged throughout your brochure. So, b