What Does IDX Stand For

What Does IDX Stand For Anyway?

What does IDX Stand For?

    1. Internet Dating for eX‘s
    2. I Don’t eXercise
    3. Internet Data eXchange
    4. Ice cream Delivery eXpress

If you guessed Internet Data eXchange you are correct.  It is simply the exchange of data between two sources using the internet, in this case the MLS giving you its data to put on your website. 

Of course there is a small monthly charge for this service, but it is worth it’s weight in gold.

“An Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is a real estate property search site which allows the public to conduct searches of approved Multiple Listing Service properties in a certain area.” (source: Wikipedia)

Why IDX Is Critical

At the very minimum having an  IDX feed on your site is going to give your visitors the ability to search the MLS just like they were on Redfin or Zillow.  If that was all IDX did then it’s worth may be debatable. 

The real value of IDX is that it gives you the most valuable form of lead capture that is available to a Real Estate Agent.  When potential leads use your IDX to search for homes and find something they like, even if it is not your listing, and request more information you get the lead.

Think about buying a new car.  What is the goal of the salesperson?  To get you to take a test drive!  Once you climb in, and smell the smell, get comfortable, picture yourself owning the car, feeling how she drives, exciting all your senses… you are much more likely to buy a car.

It is similar with IDX.  Home Buyers want to look at listings, pictures, details, what school it is close to, what neighborhood it is in, how far the commute is, if it has a pool.  Once they start looking at listings they are more likely to request information from your site.

You may be asking yourself well that is all fine and dandy if someone searches on my site but my clients start their search on Redfin, Zillow, or Trulia. 

True, but there is another place that many people start their home search and that is Google. 

If you have the power of IDX, it has the benefit of built in Search Engine Optimization!  If someone does a search on Google it is possible they could stumble across one of your listings.  Once they have reached your site and you have an MLS powered home search many people will continue their search on your site. 

There are additional SEO and Social Sharing benefits to putting IDX on your site…


What Does IDX Stand For, Really?

Let’s look at in terms of the my5 Goals Of A Real Estate Website:


G = Generate – IDX is the easiest, and most effective form of Generating Leads on a Real Estate Website

L = Legitimize – IDX will Legitimize your Real Estate Website

A = Authoritize – IDX will help you to look more authoritive

M = Multiply – IDX spreads the MLS Data all over the internet for, therefore multiplying your web presence

R = Residence – Your Real Estate Website is the residence, but your IDX helps bring traffic back to your Internet Residence

What IDX really stands for is MORE BUSINESS!


Suggested IDX Providers

Spot-On Connect IDX WordPress Plugin

IDX Broker (Platinum)

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(I am an affiliate sales representative for IDX Broker, Spot-On Connect, and Placester)