I am an avid WordPress fan!  I have been building, selling, and suggesting WordPress websites for over a decade. So why would I suggest using Chime CRM?

Building a robust WordPress website that generates traffic, captures and converts leads is very hard.  If you are looking for a website that automatically generates leads without you doing any work… Check out this video:

I understand that this type of real estate website will not be for everyone.  It is quite costly, and in the end you do not own the website.

As an active real estate agent I personally have both a WordPress website:  The Madrona Group and a lead generation website.


If you would like to learn more about the Chime CRM Real Estate Website with IDX, such as price then you can schedule a no obligation consultation by clicking the button below.





If you are not interested in setting aside a large monthly budget or are just not into internet leads…  Consider building your own self hosted IDX WordPress website.





There are similar lead generation systems on the market such as Boomtown, Kunversion and Curyator.  I have used or heavily demo’d all of these softwares.

What I like most about Chime is that it was created as an app first and then expanded out.  The others were built as desktop and expanded in.

As active real estate agents, if your anything like me, we want to be able to work from our phone easily and Intuitively.  Chime allows for this.

It is also my experience that Chime is slightly less expensive without giving anything up.


Chime CRM Features


Theme Library

Show off your brand the right way with gorgeous site templates that simplify the design process, saving you time.

Easy to Use CMS

Not tech savvy? No problem! With our content management system’s simple drag and drop controls you’re just a few clicks away from your own custom site design.

Nationwide MLS Support

We support hundreds of MLS nationwide with hourly updates for the most up to date information for your IDX visitors.

Optimized Pocket Listings

Never miss out on the potential of pocket listings with the ability to manually add your own pocket listings to your Chime IDX site.

In-Depth Neighborhood Data

Easily access up to date information on demographics, hot properties, school districts, marketing trends, and more for over 190,000 neighborhoods in 29,000+ cities.

Advanced School District Search

A growing family is one of the core motivating factors for home buyers, our IDX sites support school district search so leads can find the best-fit area for their next step.

SEO Ready

Stand out in web searches with your SEO-friendly IDX site. With speedy load times and MLS updates every 30 minutes our sites are designed with an SEO focus from the start.

Designed for Lead Capture

We offer Home Evaluation, Schedule a Tour, Mortgage Calculator, and more. All features are actively tracked to give insight on lead preferences.

Mobile-Optimized Design

Each page is perfectly adapted to the computer and mobile terminal, so you only have to design your website once. The interface switches directly to view the site and mobile display and looks amazing on every screen with a mobile-friendly version of your website.

Lead Score

Shape your priorities with our dynamically adjusting lead scores. We factor contact validity, online behavior, property info, and more to give actionable insights.

Lead Analysis

Focus your efforts the smart way. Chime’s behavioral lead analysis studies site activity and engagement indicators to provide insights as to lead’s likelihood to close.

Smart Suggestions

Take the guesswork out of giving leads what they want. Chime dynamically provides insights on lead activity and intelligently suggests the best next step.

Business Opportunities

Our system actively works to identify the indicators for transaction intention so Chime CRM’s intelligence can help contribute towards closing.

Communications Analysis

Enjoy streamlined dialogue through Chime’s communication analysis and third-party integrations. We support Gmail, MailChimp, Bombomb, and more!

Site Activities Tracking

Give clarity to your decision making and business building – our IDX sites track website traffic in a live updating activity timeline.

Featured Listing Management

Listing Management helps match listings to which buyers fit best. Easily view new, reduced price, and back on market listings for even more choices.

Reporting & Forecasting

Our forecasting algorithm factors agent performance and historical trends to track and predict your progress.

Business Report

View up to date reports on the status of your business goals at any time right from your CRM for real time analytics.

Business Goals

The first step to reaching your goals is defining them, the second is tracking your progress. Do both in Chime where you can set and track agent and team goals by volume, closings, GCI, or Revenue.

Performance Report

Keep your eyes on the prize and easily monitor team productivity and progress with our performance reports. Use these insights to provide informed feedback with coachable intel.

Workflow Automation

Work smarter, not harder, with our time-saving, intelligent features.

Auto Assign leads

Finding the right person for the job is difficult, make the process easier with intelligent lead assignment.

Lead Pond

Lead Pond stores leads that haven’t yet been assigned to an agent for anyone on your team to claim and follow up with at their leisure.

Lead Routing

Route leads via custom rules like source or lead type. We support ’round robin’ routing for equal distribution, and ‘blast alert’ rule, which puts a timer on lead assignments before passing them to more active agents.

Property Alerts

Stay top of mind with intelligently tailored email notifications designed to help nurture leads.

Market Reports

Show off your expertise with area information via our custom market reports. Establish yourself as a local expert so leads turn to your expertise.

Buyer Property Alerts

Our IDX sites sync with Chime CRM to analyze browsing behavior and responsively provide information on new properties that match leads’ behaviorally defined preferences.

Seller Property Alerts

Seller Property Alerts send info on nearby properties that have been newly listed or sold in order to encourage potential Sellers to take the next step.

Smart Plans

Develop and deploy automatic workflows with our automated Smart Plans. Set dynamic workflows that act and adjust based on lead type, source, pipeline, and lead activity.

Auto Import Leads

Manage all your leads from different platforms in one easy-to-use, convenient interface. With a few simple steps, you can migrate or import lead information from third-party providers like Realtor and Zillow into your Chime CRM. With our automatic import you get near real time sync so you can conveniently manage all your leads from Chime CRM regardless of the source.

Power Dialer

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