Green Ocean Weekly Podcast

In this week’s episode we dive deeper into OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are crucial for thriving in today’s real estate business in the midst of COVID 19. Howard shares some great tips on 86ing bad behaviors with a stop-doing list and Jason provides some mobile apps on habit tracking.

Episode 5 Video Transcript

welcome to the green ocean weekly
podcast the show to inspire current and
aspiring leaders in real estate
I’m Paige Ward your host today’s topic
is going to be goal setting for the
second half of the year now we do like
to start off each week on a positive
note – and I do like to ask my fine
co-hosts here what went well so Jason
let’s start with you this time I mean I
bet I threw you because I usually start
with Howard so Jason it’s true I thought
I had an extra couple seconds there
Paige but yeah well for me this week is
I hope you’ve been watching the podcast
or listening to the podcast you know
that we recently my partner I recently
opened our John off Scott office that
was June first and we have one of our
listings win pending this week so we
have our first pending sale as our own
brokerage and so we’re pretty excited
about that and I don’t know it just
feels good to kind of you always want to
get the monkeys off your back and get
those first ones knocked out so think so
Howard my friend what went well for you
you tell me first one more for you Paige
oh okay there’s anybody sensing a theme
for this week this is gonna be a fun
episode actually I had a pretty
phenomenal week pretty phenomenal last
couple of weeks with two of my kids
graduating University I had my youngest
daughter is engaged to be married now
with her boyfriend
they were 15 years old and my son who
was one of the college graduates also
commissioned as an officer in the United
States Air Force in a very eventful
eventful week and so I’m excited about
that pretty problem mom
nice that’s a huge week actually it is
it is and now that that my youngest has
decided she wants to move to San Diego
my husband I are both like hmm
no what do we want to do now this is
pretty cool we said we have some goals
to set ourselves so Howard back out to
then what went well for you well so
sometimes our what when walls start off
with what went wrong now on one hand I
can be like oh I got the handy app and I
could just call somebody to replace a
garbage disposal for me but then of
course the very first thing you know
Jason you and I talked about hey if you
ever have a question YouTube it right or
good you know Google at YouTube it so I
go onto YouTube real quick I’m like man
this this is really easy the
installation of another one right
especially we get the same brand so I
went to the store and they bought that
brand and with a better motor of course
and it didn’t take me very long right
but went ahead and installed it it’s
working it’s great now of course what
continues to go wrong even though I
think it’s all fixed is that there’s a
little spout on top of your sink when
you run the dishwasher and water is not
to post it because it’s an overflow
right and so it’s just like now water is
coming out of that thing after a day
right so I’m like okay I obviously did
something wrong now the frustrations
trying to set it I know I’m
second-guessing myself I’m like I should
have just contacted something maybe
because now I’m gonna undo the whole
thing because there’s a stopper on that
garbage disposal unit they got a pop-out
first right you did I’m like why did
they do this this makes no sense to me
so of course you know I do that and then
now of course my wife is just like honey
there’s been about leak on the garden
hose for like a year
Howard the handyman so now I’ll my back
to the store and we all have those
experiences where all of us and we’re
making multiple trips to the local
either Ace Hardware or the Home Depot so