Green Ocean Weekly Podcast

In this week’s episode we dive deeper into OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are crucial for thriving in today’s real estate business in the midst of COVID 19. Howard shares some great tips on 86ing bad behaviors with a stop-doing list and Jason provides some mobile apps on habit tracking.

Episode 5 Video Transcript

welcome to the green ocean weekly
podcast the show to inspire current and
aspiring leaders in real estate
I’m Paige Ward your host today’s topic
is going to be goal setting for the
second half of the year now we do like
to start off each week on a positive
note – and I do like to ask my fine
co-hosts here what went well so Jason
let’s start with you this time I mean I
bet I threw you because I usually start
with Howard so Jason it’s true I thought
I had an extra couple seconds there
Paige but yeah well for me this week is
I hope you’ve been watching the podcast
or listening to the podcast you know
that we recently my partner I recently
opened our John off Scott office that
was June first and we have one of our
listings win pending this week so we
have our first pending sale as our own
brokerage and so we’re pretty excited
about that and I don’t know it just
feels good to kind of you always want to
get the monkeys off your back and get
those first ones knocked out so think so
Howard my friend what went well for you
you tell me first one more for you Paige
oh okay there’s anybody sensing a theme
for this week this is gonna be a fun
episode actually I had a pretty
phenomenal week pretty phenomenal last
couple of weeks with two of my kids
graduating University I had my youngest
daughter is engaged to be married now
with her boyfriend
they were 15 years old and my son who
was one of the college graduates also
commissioned as an officer in the United
States Air Force in a very eventful
eventful week and so I’m excited about
that pretty problem mom
nice that’s a huge week actually it is
it is and now that that my youngest has
decided she wants to move to San Diego
my husband I are both like hmm
no what do we want to do now this is
pretty cool we said we have some goals
to set ourselves so Howard back out to
then what went well for you well so
sometimes our what when walls start off
with what went wrong now on one hand I
can be like oh I got the handy app and I
could just call somebody to replace a
garbage disposal for me but then of
course the very first thing you know
Jason you and I talked about hey if you
ever have a question YouTube it right or
good you know Google at YouTube it so I
go onto YouTube real quick I’m like man
this this is really easy the
installation of another one right
especially we get the same brand so I
went to the store and they bought that
brand and with a better motor of course
and it didn’t take me very long right
but went ahead and installed it it’s
working it’s great now of course what
continues to go wrong even though I
think it’s all fixed is that there’s a
little spout on top of your sink when
you run the dishwasher and water is not
to post it because it’s an overflow
right and so it’s just like now water is
coming out of that thing after a day
right so I’m like okay I obviously did
something wrong now the frustrations
trying to set it I know I’m
second-guessing myself I’m like I should
have just contacted something maybe
because now I’m gonna undo the whole
thing because there’s a stopper on that
garbage disposal unit they got a pop-out
first right you did I’m like why did
they do this this makes no sense to me
so of course you know I do that and then
now of course my wife is just like honey
there’s been about leak on the garden
hose for like a year
Howard the handyman so now I’ll my back
to the store and we all have those
experiences where all of us and we’re
making multiple trips to the local
either Ace Hardware or the Home Depot so
I’m back over there and I buy a 79 cent
little washer and you know of course you
turn off the water and just unscrew up
he’ll replace the little thing and the
drip stops and I kind of had like this
aha moment right I know that you know of
course I’m always creating these
associations but I had this aha moment
man I let my faucet leak no it’s not
good frustrating my wife she’s asked me
so many times right but it almost kind
of took this of all the things this
garbage disposal breaking down for me to
make these multiple trips get the washer
and get that taken care of and I think
what I realized was it wasn’t just
laziness right it wasn’t just
procrastination but it was just really
like my habit my behavior of like
wanting to do something new right or
something that I was unfamiliar with
there was resistance there and I think
every notion a lot of times we are
trying to uncover those moments where
psychologically we always have these
little kind of like oh there’s a little
resistance or sometimes there’s a lot of
resistance whether it’s technology or
like we talked about fear and anxiety
last time about you know I’m doing a
video but we’ve got to start to pick up
those a bit right and so I think that’s
what you know our part of today’s
conversation was but in the long answer
to a short question but well I replace
the boss you know watcher ready to stop
a drip but yeah I gotta tell you it
feels fantastic to have nothing next and
I think when it comes to business
practices some of the other topics we’re
going to talk about here today we’re you
know that’s that’s a just kind of maybe
it’s a good segue to talk about some of
the things that we need to fix with our
business for sure brought to you by
Howard the handyman Chun
so let’s talk about goal setting we’re
halfway through the year this really
crazy year of 2020 that isn’t what any
of us had anticipated and how we’ve all
had to kind of make different
adjustments to get through that
personally and professionally and so
let’s talk about the second half of this
year and ways that we might progress
with maybe a little more efficiency
maybe better results I know Howard you
had some really cool things we were
talking about earlier that I’d love to
hear well start off like you
know a lot of us are gonna say well Cova
just put this big wrench in everything
um in terms of you know my results this
year and of course we can say that and
absolutely it’s very valid I mean it
through everybody especially the four
people who’ve actually you know uh um
got sick or you know they lost a loved
one I mean it’s just of course anything
like that that’s not just a co but
that’s just a traumatic life of that but
for the people who haven’t you know
ultimately lost anyone it’s not what
that wasn’t the situation it’s just oh
boy I got a look at my business here and
the economy is down as a result there’s
fewer sell they’re selling and as a
result of that you know my income is
down significantly and so um there’s a
lot of stress and anxiety because now
there’s also questions in terms of
what’s my next six months gonna look
like and I guess the I buyers are back
and you know over the next 12 months 18
months three years you know when it
comes to technology and all these things
that we’ve got to adapt to the question
is do we have an amazing process not
just done an adequate process but an
amazing process of goal-setting and I
think we’ve all had different
experiences in our lives with
whether it was through books whether it
was through seminars whether it was just
kind of taught by our office leadership
or you know wherever that experience was
but you know the question is how’s that
worked you know we’ve got to really take
a step back and say wait a minute I have
all the processes in all these years
that I’ve been doing quote-unquote
goal-setting has not worked or maybe the
better question is has it worked
you know maybe it worked for a little
while you know but then you know did it
work consistently and I think there’s a
lot to discover it kind of into space
but let me just cut through it back to
you guys
what’s worked for you historically in
terms of goal setting or what’s not
worked I mean what are your guys’s
experiences they’re so full transparency
I generally do my goal-setting at the
beginning of the year and I kind of set
these big lofty goals and you know I do
make sure that I write them down and I
make sure that you know we’re there
they’re just slightly outside of the
reach of attainable so that we have to
work to try to hit them and and then I
kind of don’t really do the 12-week and
mid year checkups like I should I think
what’s really important for me and this
is only through trial and error over a
lifetime of trying to set goals right um
that I found at least personally it’s
really important for me to have
short-term goals as well as long-term
goals and so because we all need to feel
like there’s something within our grasp
and you get those little rewards along
the way hitting those short-term goals
and how you incorporate those into how
they move towards your long term one of
the things that I have learned and I
mean I’ll be totally cheesy is that you
know if you can’t measure it you can’t
manage it
I like that page and that’s I remember
when I was younger and you know and I
was just getting into sales and they
would my sales managers would try to
motivate me and I would try to motivate
myself with things right you know as
always the mansion and the beach
vacations and the Ferrari and you know
that never that never worked for me you
know so my goals today are the whys of
my goals today are so different right
and you know now it’s about like okay
well I need to be able to have a good
home in order to raise my children I
need to be able to save in order to try
to send them to college well right now
we’re just thinking about we have three
that are gonna be about 16 here soon and
so I’m like okay are we gonna have to
buy like three
cars in the 30 minute podcast there’s
only so much we can cover as far as
pulse editing and you know some of these
ideas but I think there are a few things
that we cut we can reflect on and the
first thing is like mid year a lot of
times we only do like a business plan or
review of goals or kind of what the
results you know only once a year we
basically say oh how much money they
earn this last year and that’s that’s
kind of about it and around that same
time we go okay now how much do I want
to earn in the coming year but rather
than doing that one of the things we
should consider doing and you mentioned
short-term and long-term goals our page
as to maybe redefine some of the words
that we use around these ideas and of
course you know we’ve all heard the
SMART goals like the specific measurable
attainable you know all that kind of
stuff but what I really wanted assets or
thinking about is anything that’s kind
of big aspirational but say that
long-term goal that’s part of our vision
you know and nothing wrong with a you
know I live in a nice home I want the
home to be paid off I want to have a
nice car because I like nice cars I want
if you also contribute to my community
and I’d be able to give like those are
all really good things right so there
was gonna be all part of one’s vision
and even if it’s like a 12-month vision
right that’s still kind of more
visionary because at the end of the day
our brains don’t know exactly know what
to do with I wanna earn a million
dollars by the end of the next 12 months
well well Theo team have been earning a
million bucks every year then it’s not
that big video you’re just saying hey
yeah I just might he’ll continue to do
what it is I’m doing but if you’re
earning $50,000 $100,000 you’re saying I
want to earn 500,000 or a million our
brains gonna go oh okay what do I
exactly do with that so it is it’s a
really big vision right it’s a
longer-term like hey I want to do
behaviors to kind of train this kind of
wealth right financially and all times
we think of financial goals rather than
other areas of more abundance and you
know as Ron will talk about with perma
right without you know our emotional or
well-being or you know kind of a
measurement but let’s kind of break this
down so that there’s the long term
visionary kind of goal
vision – down to the next three months
right this is basically instead of just
saying oh mid-year review let’s look at
how much income I you know I’ve earned
in the first six months let’s talk about
the behaviors or how many listings how
many sales what are the things that I’m
kind of doing well so that’s you know we
talked about the what one well this is a
great time mid year to kind of say
here’s the things I’m doing well and
that’s a very important thing for us to
do because like if it’s doing well and
I’m earning income as a result of it and
I enjoy doing it I gotta do more of that
right so again make your review as part
of that is the reflection of what went
well the second part though was what am
I not doing what are some of the
objectives that I need to do over the
next three months and so when we started
thinking more along the lines of the
word objective and then there’s a very
specific time frame 12 weeks right so
that’s a quarter so that’s basically
since we’re the end of June we’re
talking about July August September so
by the end of September what is an
objective that I want to you know
basically have and the objective it
should start to feel a little bit
uncomfortable where where is a vision
that’s nice to like have nice cars and
you know all those kind of things over
the next 12 weeks you’re gonna set an
objective of getting 12 listings right
12 weeks 12 listings over the okay
that’s that’s basically your objective
so I’m gonna just throw that number out
at you that’s one a week in which case
what would we measure back to kind of
your little quote there our page what
would we measure next week Jason what
would we measure in order if you’re
going to get 12 listings in 12 weeks
what will we measure in one week from
now so the first thing would be listing
appointments right
how many listing appointments because in
order to get a listing you gotta have
listing appointments and of course
there’s got to be a conversion factor
where for every listing appointment or
every three listing appointments do you
convert fifty percent of those you
convert eighty percent of those or you
virtually at a hundred percent people
who work by referral oftentimes they’re
virtually one for one meaning when they
get a referral on the listing they
normally land on listing that’s pretty
rare for them not to get but listing
right so then in which case that you can
kind of figure out your ratio so then
shoot I need a listing appointment here
in the next you know week almost in our
brains know
what to do with that I need to get a
listing time in the next week what do I
need to start doing on Monday on Tuesday
I just sort of comment some people and I
need to start giving them an idea of
what their house might be worth or
asking them if they know people who
might also like to have a mid-year home
valuation analysis see that’s a really
nice way to say hey you know Paige I’m
giving all my clients a little maid your
analysis in terms of the value of your
home I’m just curious
I’ve been done that for you yet one can
I schedule that it’s just a zoom call
for 15 minutes oh that would be great
and so I’m going to do a little
comparison in terms of what you know
zero unders estimates and as well as
actual sales locally and you know I can
have a short little engagement and then
I might throw out something to the
effect of hey gage do you know anybody
else friends or neighbours you might
also you know one of these a lot of
people haven’t had one of these done in
years and that is an offering that’s a
value add that I can provide and paid
you loved the experience that you just
stopped for me right and which is oh
yeah so and so right my sister my
brother and my friend my neighbor they
would actually you know I think this
would be great for them in which case
what would you do an email introduction
in which case then even through an email
introduction I could set up another zoom
call so those are things that are brains
right can all of a sudden start to work
with rather than I want to earn five
hundred thousand dollars in the coming
year see so that is kind of like an
objective and then when we measure every
single week to what I get a listing
appointment did I get two listing
appointments now if after three weeks
we’re finding that we’ve gotten zero
listing appointments that’s what we have
to do we have to change our objective
the best now after three weeks getting
12 listings has greatly diminished
because our behavior is not there so
that often I got to take up you know a
deep inside look to be like okay the
objective was too high now I only have
nine weeks left
I might have to reduce down my number
from 12 to 9 you know and in which gets
them a little bit of that stress or
pressure right starts to build up I
better start focusing on this done you
know answer them like what is it you
know how are we spending our time so
then we start taking a look at deeper
look in terms of our time management in
terms of what kind of activities were
you actually doing so that is kind of a
simple way for us to take a big goal a
visionary goal narrow it all the way
down to a three month or twelve week
objective and then of course every
single week measure you know something
to that effect like hey am I getting
these listing appointments like I said I
was going to do the last part is it’s
the accountability of course I can hold
myself accountable but if I can and you
know for me personally you know I kind
of like tripped off in terms of my real
estate sales I was already successful
but there was only because I started to
get you know what very very specific in
terms of my time when I go into the
office 3 days a week for three hours
until I get three listing appointments
for every session that was nine listing
appointments a week so false in your
goal is to get nine listing appointments
a week you’re gonna have a really
phenomenally but part of that was I had
to get a sign out by my managing broker
as well as my wife right so that was the
that was the structure that was built in
so it’s just like you’re gonna make
these nine listing appointments but
every week you’ve got to get sign offs
saying that you did the activities and
so that is all part of kind of the
subjective and cue result and even that
you know what companies like Amazon I’ve
got a friend who’s a director and every
week every Friday all he does is he
reads the reports the accountability as
far as what went well what didn’t go
well in terms of some of the key results
from some of the uh you know the reports
out report up to him and he’s gonna have
dialogue about that so I mean these are
just kind of systems that we can create
for ourselves on that really are
effective that kind of
go beyond you know the traditional way
that we’ve kind of done goal-setting
okay Howard so that sounds good and I’m
I’m down I want to get 12 listings in 12
weeks and I would like to get one
listing appointment every week and and
crush it a hundred percent
can you help somebody like myself so
what are the micro activities that I
should be taking what are my micro goals
to set in order to get those listing
appointments especially today I know you
mentioned one the media review what are
some other things that we could be
focusing on try to get more listening
appointments well the very very first
thing that we got to do is there’s
something called out you know anybody
who’s ever worked at a restaurant or a
bar they’ve heard of the phrase 80 cents
I’ve used the word 86 for a long time I
grew up in the restaurant business my
families and restaurants and anytime you
ran out of something you basically said
86 it right 86 this new spec aid which
means like we’re out of special about
anymore we’re out of it so the very
first thing we got to consider it as a
stop doing list okay what are the things
I’m presently doing that’s taking time
but I’ve got to stop doing because we
most of us can’t add more things until
we decide to stop certain things right
so one of the micro things look back of
the week look back two weeks go back
three weeks and say what are behaviors
that I’m presently doing that I need to
stop doing so for example if I want to
wake up earlier there’s a simple one
right most of us know hey are most of
our brains are the kind of it’s best
from like 5:00 a.m. to like 9:00 a.m.
you know it’s one more most rush I’m
like but I don’t wake up until now rush
off and do what I need to do right so
much case then typically and we still
want sleep so having eight hours of
sleep so much yes we got to look at our
behaviors in the evening are though
things like for example late-night
Netflix right late-night TV that we can
86 I’m gonna stop
doing that because then if I stop doing
that I find three to four more hours in
the morning or even one hour in the
morning I find one extra hour in the
morning now I can start to say well what
are those micro things well the first
thing I would do is say you know what if
I know really good knowledge that I know
that other consumers want like for
example for 15 minutes if I actually in
the first thing in the morning I look at
new inventory I look at you know our you
know interest rates
I look at market statistics now I can
start to reach out first thing in the
morning and I don’t know about you guys
anytime I receive emails early or I
might check the email at 9:00 or 10:00
or whatever I see that the email was set
at like 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock I’m
really impressed with those kind of
people right now they are really up and
early and they’re talking to me about
interest rates and you know what’s been
happening in the market and things of
that nature their business pro so
already the branding and Association
professionalism that rhythm is just
starting off first thing in the morning
and can you imagine that every single
morning our routine was to check
inventory what’s hot and you know what I
don’t know about you guys but a hundred
percent of everybody I know they’re
always curious about a great deal
they’re always curious about the real
estate market right and so those are
little micro ways you need to kind of
start off the process in terms of get
rid of something in the evening so I can
sleep a little earlier so I can get up a
little bit earlier so I can start doing
a little bit of data analysis so I can
share that market data about the real
estate market about particular listings
but great investment opportunities any
of those things with some of my database
right also then maybe I’m going to
organize my database first thing a
little bit start to look through hey who
are the people haven’t reached out for a
little while so those are all the little
triggers because again then tired weeks
got to be focused around where’s that
listing appointment if literally that’s
your entire lure that you’re just you
know your entire reticular activating
system is just looking for the one
listing appointment it’s all you’re
focused and on that’s just like wow I
got three listing appointments this week
you know in which case and also maybe
your numbers start to you know get
crushed and you start beating all the
twelve I should make it 24 I’m doing now
twenty-four listing appointments you
know instead of just a poll I know in
its human nature is that like many of us
know that we should do that but what’s
stopping us do you know and then I think
that that’s where you have to kind of go
within yourself because no one else is
going to set those goals for you or if
they do you’re probably not gonna get to
hit those goals right and so I know that
you had said something about while I
find that time that find that extra hour
that 15 minutes or whatever and I I kind
of started off this year because
everything got out of routine and out of
whack and I found I was sort of like
going in that direction of no structure
and it was it that wasn’t working for me
right so I kind of had 86 of that
behavior and create my own structure in
the morning and that helped me so much
because I knew there those first few
hours of my day we’re going to be
productive so I think it’s okay to also
be human and ask yourself you know
what’s stopping you what’s in the way of
setting those goals and and maybe you
start off with one goal and maybe it is
making that extra 15 minutes in the
morning and what are you gonna do with
that you know try that for a couple
weeks and how’s that working for you
probably good yeah you know from med bed
right here I’ve been through multiple
times and you know so there’s there’s a
lot there in terms of your question but
a lot of that mindset is our limiting
beliefs right like what’s stopping us is
because like we have a limiting belief
in terms of what we do or how we do
things right and but then once we kind
of you know go through that break that
barrier then it’s just like oh and
that’s where affirmations come in right
and the affirmation being something like
I wake up every morning early refreshed
and I do a little analysis as far as the
market and reach out to my clients like
if I can basically start to create
affirmations along that line that’s not
what I’m going to do it’s what I do
right now
right that’s basically the affirmation
process that’s right I say it in first
person present tense
I enjoy waking up early in the morning
right and then you’ve got
create a picture of what that looks like
so it’s just like Oh what now we’ve all
wait whoa can up early in the morning we
feel refresh we got a great night’s rest
and just like wow I feel great right
like oh that’s me so often you have that
positive picture in your head and then
you create a positive emotion oh I see
myself getting up getting into the
shower or getting behind the computer
having my coffee doing all those little
rituals and next thing you know your
brain goes oh yeah that’s what we do I
guess that’s what we do and so that’s
just part I think like what’s getting
the way is that we don’t have some of
those behaviors or the routines and a
lot of times that’s because we’ve got
certain limiting beliefs in terms of you
know what we do as our morning ritual
and so yeah so so many of these things
are timed all setting is taught to
behavior which is tied to sleep which is
tied to you know our morning behavior
all of it’s tied together so you know
just part of it is not to do a review
every three months it’s just not
frequent enough you know it’s almost
like a quick daily check-in right for
ourselves our calendars but definitely a
more reflective once a week check-in to
be like okay you know what are the
commitments for the week how am I gonna
do it you know that’s that’s just all
part of the process and I think largely
intuitively we know that and it’s kind
of like making that commitment and as
Ron would say what can I do today you
know these things are so oftentimes
aspirational but if I literally bring it
out today well what can I do in the next
hour you know people are listening to
this podcast what can I do like
literally in the next 15 minutes after
this podcast what could I do in terms of
my reflection you know what can I do in
terms of like eighty-sixing Netflix past
10 o’clock for example right I mean
those are all things that we can start
to do you know think about doing you
mentioned that accountability and so I’m
kind of lucky in that I do have a
business partner and so one of the
things that we do every single Monday
morning we set aside a couple hours and
we go over and so I guess I don’t do the
the quarterly business planning per se
but we kind of do this weekly planning
and I’m knowing our business and real
estate a lot of times people find
themselves kind of alone you know you’re
just edges you and so it’s very
important that we build these
accountability partners or systems of
course you know green ocean were all
about action items and so back to your
point there Jason
sometimes it’s the accountability and
sometimes it’s just not having enough
specific direction or the clear action
items that you know a simple checklist
the to-do list and we have a lot of
those on ocean so we really
encourage already to go try it out take
a look first week is free there’s an
incredible amount of content on there
but what’s so important is not just the
content it’s the action items and so
it’s like you know thinking through
reflecting on the action items and
that’s really what starts the cycle and
trigger behavior changes and so I think
there’s a lot more to talk about I’ve
got an accountability checklist you know
that’s really helpful as well so maybe
we can go over that you’re here in the
next podcast but it’s really time for us
to kind of make that decision make that
commitment you know for our businesses
and understand honestly some of the
science behind where business sales and
you know psychology all kind of come
together all right Jason I think it’s
time now for this week’s tech tip so
what have you got so we’ve been talking
about you know checklists and habits and
goals and so why not use some technology
to help us get there I’ve been trying
out some habit tracking apps recently I
you know for many many years I wrote
down my little checklist on legal pads
right and carry that legal pad with me
and I felt pretty good about that and
then a couple years back I started
writing them down on my Samsung Notes
app and still very primitive so I’m like
okay let’s let’s step our game up right
and so there’s a couple apps for droid
and Apple that I’ve been checking out
that I think you can use and basically
you can just kind of create these little
checklist items and as you check them
off it keeps track and it starts to form
the habit right and I know that there’s
this 21 day thing maybe that’s accurate
or not but the point is if we do these
small little tasks on a very consistent
basis then we will reach our goals
so for droid there’s a app that I’ve
been using it’s called have it
and this one’s really cool because it
gamma Phi’s the process so not only are
you marking off your action items which
like how we talked about feels super
good but you’re also leveling up your
character as you’re doing it right so
it’s fun if you’re kind of like I’m a
little bit more serious than that than
not maybe habit tracker or loop habit
tracker all of these are gonna be
there’s free versions but I definitely
recommend you get four they get the paid
ones they’re like three or four bucks
for the year and then Apple has one
called habit list that kind of appears
to be the the go-to one again it’s about
four bucks for the year and you can just
create these little small trackable
tasks that when done consistently will
become a habit you know if I could throw
one last app along that same line it’s
called focus to do focus to do and you
can also search for something called the
Pomodoro which is basically means tomato
and it’s pumpkin and what the idea here
is it’s a 25 minute timer and I think a
lot of people are aware of the 25 minute
cycle but we need to go for 25 minutes
straight with uninterrupted work
workflow so we need to do something for
straight 25 minutes
that means no texts no social media no
ringing like literally to the point
where you’re turning off your phone for
25 minutes some people are gonna freak
out about but if you want to really get
something accomplished and being up low
you do it first straight 25 minutes
without interruption then you can go
ahead and take a five-minute break check
your email check your text to make sure
that no deals are falling apart and then
of course you can go for another 25
minutes you know and then when you do
these focused 25 minutes you get so much
more accomplished thanks so much for
joining us we hope you’re inspired by
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