“But do drip campaigns really work? Yup: According to research collected by the team behind the email-marketing suite Emma, relevant targeted emails produce 18-times more revenue than globally-broadcasted ones.” (Zapier)


A crucial goal of any digital marketing plan is to nurture leads, and starting an email drip campaign is a great strategy for nurturing real estate leads in today’s modern, technological world.

Many of your potential clients are smart phone users, and they check their email on a regular basis. People nowadays are also used to signing up for email newsletters when they encounter a new company or service.

In an email drip campaign, users sign up for an email newsletter, and future emails are triggered by the user’s actions or by a schedule that specifies when a user gets a particular email from the company. For example, you’ve probably noticed that when you provide a company with your email, you get a welcome email in your inbox introducing you to the company’s services. You may get a second email a few days later providing more information about their website and/or their products.

This type of drip marketing is done by segmenting out the email list of potential leads and sending emails based on the segment type. For example, you wouldn’t send a weekly email to your entire list; you would send out emails based on when the lead signed up. This marketing strategy, known as behavioral emails, is also used with paper mail and phone calls.


Drip Email Marketing Examples


Here are four examples of emails you can use in a drip campaign to nurture real estate leads:

1 – Sign Up Email

A prospective client has signed up for your newsletter through your website, social media, a marketing event, referral, etc. They automatically get an email introducing them to your website and services, a welcome email.

This may look like an overview of your company or it may even include links to your content, like home listings in their local area.

2 – Frequent Website Visitor Email

After encountering your website, a user may repeatedly view your content, but they aren’t converting to a lead. You can send a drip email to this segment of your email list to encourage the users to engage with your website.

This may be as simple as sending them a video from your YouTube account, or linking them to a blog post on your page about their city.

3 – Show-Case Popular Website Content Email

Nurture a lead who hasn’t visited your website in a while by sending a drip email that shares your popular content. In the body of the email, link to your blogs with the highest traffic (that are still relevant to the demographic), share successful content from your social media (like a trending Tweet or Facebook post), etc.

This will engage potential leads and nurture that future client.

4 – Education Email

A popular feature of real estate websites is education for potential customers. Gently remind a lead about your services by sending a drip email with education on the real estate market.

Examples include:

  • Tips for Homeowners
  • Tips for Buyers
  • Advice for Sellers
  • Real Estate Updates


My friends at Moosend wrote an extensive piece detailing examples here: blog.moosend.com


Drip Email Marketing Tools


There are many tools and services out there for starting an email marketing campaign, including:

  • Mail Chimp
  • Stream Send
  • Vertical Response
  • Emma
  • Sendloop

As you design your email drip campaign and begin to nurture those real estate leads, be careful not to email your list too frequently, because the unsubscribes will go up and potential leads will feel put off.




In general, these types of email campaigns perform better, generate more leads, and produce better click rates, so if you aren’t using this model, you should definitely consider it.


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