It is my opinion that real estate brokers today are overly focused on generating leads and do not spend enough time focusing on their Sphere of Influence or Database.

Common sense tells us that we would rather get a call from a friend of our aunts, then an alert from some software with a name and email address, and perhaps a bit of personal information.


I am not implying that internet leads are bad or a waste of time... just that we would rather get personal referrals. I would suggest applying the 80/20 principal. 80% of marketing dollars designated to nurturing our database, and 20% of those dollars adding internet leads to that database.Click To Tweet


How do we apply that principle to our Facebook Ads?


We can run ads that are only directed to our Sphere of Influence!


How To Run Adds To Our Database


The first thing we need to do is think about what kind of message we want our sphere to see.  This will be different than a typical ad because we are not trying to get them to sign up for anything… We already have their contact information.


What Content Should I Share


Ad Ideas:

  1.  Gentle reminder that we are real estate agents
  2. Testimonials
  3. Charity work
  4. Real Estate accomplishments (Awards won, designations earned, properties sold)
  5. Open Houses
  6. Interesting Real Estate Information



  1. Video
  2. Images
  3. Slideshow
  4. Carousel


We prefer using video.

“Videos have repeatedly shown that they have much larger organic reach and engagement than other forms of content. People are watching more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day, and you can tap into this market with your own videos.” (


If you don’t have video to share you can still get results with a single image ad, or combining multiple images into a slideshow or carousel ad.


What You Will Need


  1.  A Facebook Account
  2. A Facebook Business Page
  3. Media
    1. A Video File or
    2. An Image or
    3. Multiple Images
  4. Your Database Exported
    1. As a .CSV file
    2. Mailchimp Account Login



  • Open your Facebook Account
    • Home
    • Click On Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager


  • Click Create


  • Switch To Guided Tour
    • A Little More User Friendly

Guided Tour


  • Select Your Marketing Objective
    • Keep In Mind We Are Not Trying To Convert Leads (We already have their contact information)
  • For This Example We Are Selecting Video Views
  • Give Your Campaign A Name
    • Name Your Campaign Based On Your Marketing Objective

Select marketing objective


  • Create A Custom Audience
  • Click Create New
  • Custom Audiences >> Create New
  • Select Custom Audience

create custom audience


  • Select Customer File

add database


  • Select Customer File Source
    • Add Customers From Your Own File (CSV File)
      • I will be adding from file
    • Import From Mailchimp (Mailchimp Login)


Create a custom audience


  • Upload Your CSV Database


upload your customer file


  • Map Your Database Categories To The Facebook Categories
    • Map
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email
      • Phone
      • City
      • State
      • Zip Code
    • Do Not Map
      • Everything Else

map your database


  • Once Your File Is Uploaded
  • Click Done

create a custom audience


  • Leave Your Placements On Automatic Placements
    • Facebook will probably optimize your ad better than you

Ad Placement


  • Set Your Budget & Schedule
    • Budget
      • I like to set a lifetime budget (when my budget is spent the ad stops)
      • You may want to set a daily budget
      • Facebook will have a minimum budget allowed based on your audience size, objectives, and schedule
    • Schedule
      • I like to set my schedule for 1 month