“Real estate transactions are a big deal for pretty much everybody, making the help of an expert crucial. You can bet that most people that are buying or selling a home are searching for information before their transaction, and the best way to become their agent is to have that information. Creating a community page lets you be that information source.”  ~ Bill Gasset

I wrote a blog post recently about my experience visiting open houses, “Real Estate Agents Don’t Waste Your Time Hosting Open Houses“.  In it I mention that none of the agents I met extracted my contact information… no way for them to follow-up with me.

What if they would have had a couple laminated Stunning Community Information Sheets laying on the table.  And what if they would have asked me if I was interested in getting one of these sheets mailed, or emailed to me.

Great, I would have said Yes, that sounds like a fair trade.

For the less aggressive, they could have at least handed out the sheets as a unique take away, giving me something to really remember them by.  Not just a business card.


People Are Curious About Their Community

One of my girlfriend’s favorite things to do is walk around her neighborhood and look at the for sale flyers.  She likes to walk each street, to see what is new, what is for sale, and what has sold.

The more information the better.

“According to a survey conducted by the Demand Institute of 10,000 households’ current living situations. And it’s the location of the home that will be driving most of those moving decisions — more so than the physical home itself”, writes Realtor.org Realtor Mag.

More important than the home itself is where it is located…  The article goes on to state that:

  • Amenities/services in walking distance (39%)
  • Good school district (34%)
  • Close to work (32%)
  • Diverse neighborhood (26%)
  • Near public transit (25%)

were the characteristics identified as “very important” by those surveyed.


When we build websites we always add a Neighborhood or Communities feature onto each website.   There are many different ways that you can get community information… but here is one that may be new to you.


Community Feature Sheets

Somehow I stumbled upon these visually stunning Community Feature Sheets and contacted the company to learn more about them.  This what I learned.

Community Feature Sheets Overview

Impress and inspire potential home buyers and enhance your home marketing presentation with detailed neighborhood information in a creative, professionally designed, one or two-page feature sheet.

Designed to be handed out at open houses and showings, Community Feature Sheets are visually stunning, presenting neighborhood information in a creative way that will intrigue your prospects and help to get their offer on the table.


Community Feature Sheets Display:

  • Schools and School rankings
  • Transit
  • Shops and Services
  • Health and Fitness
  • Park and Playgrounds
  • Cases and Restaurants
  • Libraries
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Demographics
  • Walk, Bike and Transit Scores
  • Waste and Recycling Schedules
  • Community Leaders
  • Home Improvement
  • Neighborhood Profile
  • And more!

Sample Community Feature Sheets

Windermere Community Information Sheet

Sotheby's Sample Community Feature Sheet

Keller Williams Sample Community Feature Sheet

How Can You Use Community Feature Sheets

House & Condo Listings

Use Community Feature Sheets™ To Sell Homes at Open Houses and Showings.

Condos and New Homes
Use Community Feature Sheets™ To Sell Homes in Condo Developments, New Home Communities and Rental Buildings.

Realtor Website Content
Use Online Community Feature Sheets™ to Show Customers You Are a Neighbourhood Expert, Enhancing the User Experience on Your Website

How To Order a Community Feature Sheet

>  Customer Order Form

Pricing will depend on how many listings you want to order for

>  Pricing


Here is what Monica Brewer from Coldwell Banker Premier Group had to say;

“This product gives a nice additional touch to marketing properties for sale. I appreciate it is customized to my brand and any corrections are made as requested in a timely manner. The professionalism really shines with your company!”


Full Disclosure:  I make a small commission if you purchase a community feature sheet.  However, that is not why I wrote this blog post.  I was going to share these regardless of my affiliate relationship.