What do you think, where is the most expensive square meter in the world?  The answer is probably going to surprise you.

And how much might   a flat / house / villa cost in the countries with the most prestigious real estate, high living standards and infrastructure?

We have prepared for you an overview of the countries and regions with the most expensive real estate:


The 5th place: Switzerland


Price per square meter: 29,000 USD


Swiss banks attract wealthy people from around the world. Having the bank account, once again they  want to live close to them. And on the whole, Switzerland  is one of the developed and economically stable countries in Europe, with a high level of culture, the financial security of the local population.

There are not a lot of elite quarters in large cities, so the luxury real estate is very expensive here.  Restored mansions of the past centuries are especially popular among the wealthy people and realtors. They are often located in the most prestigious areas of the city, have an ethical and cultural value.


The 4th place: Singapore


Price per square meter: 30,500 USD


A small country that occupies 63 small islands, attracts more and more people who want to live in a quiet, safe, protected, with a high level of culture and tolerance place.

The most expensive square meters are located on Marina Bay. The area is located on the Gulf, a large part of its territory is artificially washed up. The region is located in the same area of ​​Marina Bay near the island of Singapore.

Here it is the most expensive and the world-famous hotel – Marina Bay Sands, as well as the “Formula 1»track.


The 3rd place: England


Price per square meter: 39,000 USD


We are talking about the property directly in London. Here it is indecently expensive and sometimes reaches almost to 70 thousand dollars per square meter. The reasons for this cost are on the surface: economic stability, the prestige of the country, high standard of living, as well as constantly rising prices per square meter since 2009.


The 2nd place: Hong Kong SAR


Price per square meter: 48,000 USD


City of the rich people , or more precisely one of its residential areas is a place with one of the highest density of millionaires per square meter. China is the country with the greatest population density, it is not surprising that in the major cities  residence area in the major cities will be very expensive.

Luxury district of Hong Kong  , Repulse Bay, is almost entirely populated by wealthy Chinese people who can  shell out a small fortune for the purchase of luxury real estate at one moment.


The 1st place: The Kingdom of Monaco


Price per square meter: 66,000 USD


This is the average cost of the real estate market of the kingdom. Tiny state is densely populated , there is land shortage here, so its worth is obscenely expensive. Exactly in Monaco they can easily find a living space of 100,000 euros per square meter.  And  the most expensive apartments in the world are just here, which, incidentally, has not  purchased yet. Sky Penthouse previously put up for sale for $ 400 million. And there  really is something  to pay for.

Monaco is called the country of millionaires – according to conservative estimate here every second one owns a capital. Wealthy people from all over the world are eager to buy luxury properties in the kingdom, because everything is fine here: weather, nature, neighbors, economic and political situation.



Author: real estate agency on the French Riviera Hermitage Riviera