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Wovax IDX


Wovax IDX AppWovax is a web and app development company that initially built Wovax IDX for their own real estate clients.

They were looking for a WordPress IDX solution that hosted the MLS data locally so they could integrate it with their mobile app platform that agents were using for content marketing. This kind of IDX integration had been done before by web developers for individual clients, but only with highly custom and costly development work.

Wovax is the first to make this kind of IDX reproducible and affordable, giving agents the flexibility to customize their IDX to their own unique marketing strategies, as well as the SEO benefits of locally hosted IDX.


Hosting MLS Data Locally


What this means is that this IDX service will download your entire MLS right into your website database (your MLS will need to have a RETS feed available).  Pretty awesome.

From an SEO perspective this type of service is optimal.  It will seem like each listing is a blog post on your website.


Pros and Cons

Pro:  This is the format for Optimal SEO
Con:  It is still duplicate content
Pro:  Having it integrated as a blog post gives you the power to add custom content
Con:  Customizing individual listings can be time consuming
Pro:  Importing all the listings as blog posts gives your site a large number of Google Indexable pages
Con:  Importing all the listings is a Large amount of data that your average shared hosting provider (Godady, Bluehost, Hostgator) can not handle


What Makes Wovax IDX Unique


  1. Wovax IDX brings MLS listings into the Realtor’s website as a custom post type in WordPress.

WordPress - Properties

For the non-developers out there, that means that MLS listings are brought into your website just like any other page (as discussed above).

WordPress has Posts and Pages built in. Wovax adds a third category, Properties, that is automatically populated via the RETS feed – a raw data feed – from your MLS board.

The key benefits to this are:

1) customization flexibility

2) SEO


  1. Wovax IDX hosts all the MLS data on your website.

Most IDX solutions that claim to index properties create a URL for each property, but the images (and often the text) are not hosted locally on the website.

While this may help with SEO, search engines know where the content is actually hosted.

Wovax brings the MLS listings into the websites as posts, so all the content is hosted locally.

*Note: Yes, this makes the sites incredibly large, which is why Wovax also offers hosting to their clients (see below).


  1. Wovax IDX makes it easy to add content and media to your featured listings.

WordPress - Edit Property Post

IDX brings all of the MLS listings into the agent’s site, but most Realtors choose to specially promote their own properties.

They’ll add a

  • Drone video
  • Higher resolution photos
  • Perhaps a 3D tour
  • Local or neighborhood specific content
  • Custom or more in depth description of the listing

However, unless the MLS listings are hosted on the website as editable pages, the Realtor has to manually create a page for each property they want to promote.

Wovax IDX enables you to choose an existing property that is already fed in from the MLS and edit the description, change out photos, and add videos, just as you would with any standard WordPress page or post.

This also allows you to retain a showcase of your sold listings on the site.


  1. Wovax IDX allows you to customize listing pages. 

Some Realtors prefer to keep their property detail pages simple, featuring only the data that is of most interest to their clients; others choose to display every possible MLS field.

Wovax allows you to easily customize the listing pages as much and as often as you’d like using a drag-and-drop template editor in the WordPress dashboard.


  1. Wovax IDX makes it easy for you to customize the search filters.

customize search filters

Many Realtors prefer to have a single keyword search bar on their home page with a link to a more detailed advanced search page.

Wovax enables you to easily customize the search filters from your WordPress dashboard. If you’re in horse country, your main search filter can include acreage – but you’ll likely leave that field hidden if your market is downtown Chicago.


  1. Wovax was built as a mobile solution and offers a Personal Mobile APP. (Standard or Pro Package)

App Download BannerWhen your clients and potential clients visit a Wovax IDX website, a banner prompts them to download your custom real estate app.  This is important for a couple reasons.

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