Video storytelling is a prominent trend in the world of marketing. More and more brands are jumping on board, using platforms like YouTube to enhance their brand and adding an emotional facet to it.

You’re probably wondering; “will video help my real estate business?” and the answer, without a shadow of a doubt, is yes.

Research has shown that real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without a video. Click To Tweet

Research has shown that real estate listings with video received 403% more inquiries than those without a video. This study emphasizes just how important video can be on your sales.

So, you know that incorporating video can boost your brand, but where do you even begin?  

In this article, we will guide you through the 15 best ideas to use video in real estate, with tips on how to make them the most effective.  

What is video storytelling

You’ll more than likely be aware of the video in marketing — particularly commercials. However, the effectiveness of traditional video adverts has worn off. Telling people that your service is excellent and that they should spend their money on it, no longer suffices.  

It might seem like another marketing buzzword, but this is where ‘storytelling’ hops in.


They quite literally are videos that tell a story, enabling a deeper connection with a businesses’ audience, and they come in many different forms.  

Below are 15 ways to use video storytelling for a real estate marketing

1. Narrated house tours

You’ve probably watched them yourself; home tours. Whether it’s from celebrities or just ordinary YouTubers — house tours are so engaging and addictive.  

Take Refinery29’s ‘Sweet Digs’ series, each getting hundreds of thousands of views each.  

As humans, we’re naturally voyeuristic, and giving your audience the chance to look around people’s houses will always go down remarkably well. 

A great idea would be to tour people around your listings. Almost like you would if you were showing a potential client around in person. 

It might feel a little weird to talk to a camera at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. If you genuinely hate the thought of this, you can narrate your video after you’ve filmed, as a talk over.  

It’s always best to have professional write the scripts and the texts to your videos.

Companies like EssaySupply or platforms like Freelancer can provide with a large choice of niche writers that can get the job done.

You can also look up their reviews and reputation on sites like Online Writers Rating and Pick Writers.

2. Interview videos

Why not interview some of the people that you have worked with in the past. This can be anything from your previous buyers or the professionals that helped you along the way.  

For example, you could interview an architect to see where they get their ideas from.  

You could follow construction workers around, questioning how they make their properties.  

You might even want to interview a mortgage lender, and title the video “mortgage lender’s top tips for buyers.”  

Make sure that your interview is relevant, and desired, this way your audience will keep tuning in. 

Beverly Meaux did a great interview with her past clients, spilling the secrets about their buying process. Of course, the buyers praised the service too.  

3. Home design trends videos 

Home design trend videos often reach viral status. Although they might not be directly related to your real estate service, they’ll undoubtedly get a lot of traffic.  

Make them fun, quick, and informative. For example, “How to make your bathroom look like a spa.”  

You see, if people are looking at buying new houses, they’ll also be interested in how to decorate them too. They work well together.  

The purpose of these videos is to make your brand name well-known. Putting your logo and name in the minds of the watchers will benefit you and your company greatly.  

Keep up with design and interior trends, and find inventive ways to bounce off them successfully. For instance, “how to get the terrazzo kitchen.” would be a big hit at the moment.  

4. Neighborhood tours  

Well, house tours are lovely, but what about the neighborhood? 

When buying a house, you don’t just look at the home; you check out the transport connections, schools, nearby shops, and safety of the neighborhood.  

When listing your houses, maybe add a separate video on the neighborhood — this way you reuse it for future properties too.  

You can even interview the community in the neighborhood, showcasing just how friendly and accommodating the neighbors will be.  

Make sure to shoot everything notable — business, playgrounds, exciting developments, and local schools. This addition will especially entice growing families. 

5. Use drones 

New technology, accessible to everybody, has arrived in recent years — drones.  

Sometimes it really does seem like they were created for the purpose of real estate videos. 

Using drones to film the area above and around the house, as well as inside all the rooms has a fantastic effect.  

Take Pienovi Properties for a great example. Their video tours, filmed on drones, allows you to feel the potential of every room.  

Floating around, you’re provided with a unique take on the usual home tour.  

Features like the roofing, landscape, and lighting can be experienced differently.  

Not to mention, flying around a drone is a lot of fun.  

6. Influencer videos  

Real estate is all about working with people. That’s part of the appeal of getting into it.  

Some of the people that you work with might have a strong following online. If this is the case, you should dip into influencer marketing.  

These influencers could be anything from lifestyle bloggers or local celebrities. Each type of influencer will require a different kind of content.