17 Real Estate Blogs Described as Essential to Agents by Placester


“…the blogs below offer great insights into the challenges that confront real estate agents and brokers.” ~ Matthew Bushery (Placester)


I use blogs everyday to stay on top of my game.  I am subscribed to more blogs than I can count.  With that I do get a lot of email that I have to sift through, but I do not consider it “Junk Mail”.  I think of it as my personal news channel.  Content I want to learn more about, by authors and businesses that I chose, sent right to my email.  Awesome!

If I were a Real Estate Agent or Broker I would scan lists like this and find a handful of blogs that I found relevant to what I was trying to accomplish and subscribe to them.

Create your own Real Estate Related News Channel right in your inbox.

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Using that information to stay on top of your game, become better informed, learn what your peers are up to, and get inspiration for your own blog posts.


Here is the list of 17 Real Estate Blogs via Slideshare



You may have noticed that this blog is listed as #11. I know I am such a shameless self promoter… but if I don’t do it, who will?



The 17 Real Estate Blogs worth checking out:

1)  Inman Next
3)  GeekEstate
4)  Trulia
5)  BiggerPockets
6)  HousingWire
7)  Speaking of Real Estate
8)  Eye on Housing
9)  HousingViews
10)  Movoto
11)  Jason Fox
12)  Notorious R.O.B.
13)  Eight11
14)  AGBeat
15)  Sam Debord
16)  Procuring Cause
17)  1000watt


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