Selling homes is easy… in theory… but sometimes growing your practice feels like a slow grind instead of a fun adventure. You see the winners making millions every year and wonder, “what do they do that I don’t?”

In this post we’ll outline 7 real estate marketing tips that you probably haven’t heard – at least not in this way.


1. Licenses Don’t Get You Leads…


7 real estate marketing tips that you probably haven’t heard 1. Licenses Don’t Get You Leads...Click To Tweet


Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was pass your test, tell a few people and BAM! You’re getting leads left and right?!


Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Your new practice is unknown with no communication lines or relationships built. And since selling someone’s home is an emotionally charged decision, there has to be trust between you and the homeowner – and trust takes time to build. In real estate, you’re selling yourself more than anything else. So begin building rapport with people in your community ASAP – even if you don’t have your license yet.


If you’re wondering where to get started, join the local rotary, volunteer, and join the chamber of commerce. Start “digging your well before you’re thirsty” so to speak. The more you hone in on building trust and relationships, the more referrals and home sales you’ll ultimately get – which will build a solid practice for you.


2. Blogging Works – If You Know How…


7 real estate marketing tips that you probably haven’t heard 2. Blogging Works If You Know How... Click To Tweet


After a long day of prospecting and holding a phone to your ear it can be hard to sit down and write a blog. After all, real estate’s a competitive industry and what would you write to separate yourself from the pack?

Plus you’re tired so is it really worth it? These are the inevitable questions that will come to mind when you sit down without a strategy.


First let me say this, never sit down and write whatever you feel like writing. That rarely works and often does nothing but waste valuable time you could spend doing things you love. When you write blogs, it’s a strategy designed to bring more traffic – traffic that buys homes.


Now that that’s out of the way, your goal is to write about things people are actually searching for. I know what you’re thinking, “how do I know what people are searching?”. Easy. Go to ubersuggest and type in a seed keyword. Let’s use “real estate” as an example.

7 Real estate marketing tips keywords

Ubersuggest immediately let’s us know that we don’t stand a chance of ranking for that keyword. But if we click on filters and enter a keyword difficulty “max” of 20, it shoots us back some easier keywords to write about.

Target real estate keywords

A few lines down we see the keywords “real estate terms”. It has a search volume of 2,400/month and difficulty of 15. Now we’re cooking. At this point I would create a page on my blog covering different real estate terms and insert local keywords into that page for local SEO purposes.


For example, if I were writing about the term “adjustable rate mortgage” I might include something like “if you live in LA, we recommend [local business] for your mortgage” or something along those lines. Targeting larger terms as well as local terms helps you show up locally as well as nationally when people search these topics.


To be clear, this took me all of two minutes to find this keyword. I recommend starting with something