Relationship Marketing is simply a strategy employed by business owners to boost the relationship between the business and the customers.


Relationship Marketing means that you build trust, satisfaction and loyalty between your business and its customers and then use it to understand their needs.Click To Tweet


This means that you build trust, satisfaction and loyalty between your business and its customers and then use it to understand their needs. Relationship marketing is an important part of any business that is seeking to increase their sales and expand business opportunities. 


What is Relationship Marketing and Why Does Your Business Need It?


True understanding of your customers and using it to your advantage will be a useful tool in growing your business and creating other business opportunities for yourself in the long run. Below we have highlighted how relationship marketing can give room for your business to expand.

It Helps You Know Your Customers


To truly maximize your business you need to know and understand your customers. Know what is important to them and useful to their business. Learn about their interests and business needs and then give them information that is useful in solving these needs.

To effectively get through to clients you need to know what works for each of them and then tailor your assistance to suit each of their various needs.

Ask yourself; ‘Who is my intended audience?’

If you use a generalized approach in reaching to your audience you may end up not really reaching any in particular. For example, if you need to pass across a message to a bunch of teenage customers, you may want to use a blend of interesting pictorial and graphical representation of your message instead of plain old text only. This is because you would be able to reach a larger number of them that way than if it were only black words on white pages.

When your customers feel like their needs are truly understood and catered for, they are more likely to become loyal customers.


It Reveals How You Can Match or Possibly Exceed Their Expectations


One of the aims of Relationship Marketing is to know how to leave your customers extremely pleased. As much as possible, never leave a sour taste in your customer’s mouth after they do business with you.

Many a time disappointed customers resolve to take their business elsewhere if you cannot deliver good work. Always strive to do such a good job that they want to keep coming back.

Take an assessment of the job done after you have completed business with a customer.

  • Were they pleased?
  • Were there complaints?
  • If you were a customer would you patronise your own business?

If you come up short in the delivery of great and exceptional services, strategize on ways which you can do a better job and improve on your business delivery.

If you steadily keep your customers happy, they keep coming back to do business with you and they may likely refer your business to others.


It Helps You Keep in Touch


As a business, you should never assume that your customer always has you in mind even when you don’t keep in touch. With a billion and one other things for them to think about, it is unlikely that you would be a top priority in their mind, unless of course, you make it so.

How? Regularly remind them about your existence!

  • Send them emails
  • sales alerts
  • loyalty coupons
  • newsletters
  • anything to keep them reminded about your business and why they should come back to do more business with you

Send them:

  • vital pieces of information
  • infographics
  • blog posts
  • other items that are useful for their business

You improve customer relationship as well as generate more business opportunities for yourself when a customer sees the value you offer them when you keep in touch with them.


It Helps You Maintain a Strong Brand Identity


In building customer relationships you need to create a brand they can readily identify with.

  • How is your company different from all other brands out there?
  • How strong is your identity?
  • Are your customers proud to be associated with your brand?
  • Why should they patronise you and not the next brand just like yours?

In creating your brand you must take into consideration even the simplest brand identity: Your logo, slogan, brand colours, etc.

  • What statements are they making?
  • Are your brand colours inviting or repelling?
  • Does your brand statement speak strongly about the uniqueness of your brand?
  • Is it easy to remember?

You also need to take into consideration the products you offer.

  • How quality are they in a market where many others like it exist?
  • How great is your customer service representation?
  • How consistent is your identity?

All of these are important in relationship marketing.


It Reminds You to Call in Regularly


When a customer sees that you go out of your way to cater for their needs you further build their trust in you and loyalty to your business.

For example, if you offer a particular service to your client it’s a great idea to check in on them regularly by scheduling frequent calls with them. You don’t have to wait till your next appointment before you hear from them again. It could be done via regular phone calls or Skype.

These one on one interactions with them will help you understand their business better, and gain insight on areas which they may need expertise help.

This is where you then offer other services your business has to offer them to meet those needs.


It Reminds You to Ensure Customer Satisfaction


When a sale has been conducted in your business, if you are looking to build a relationship with your customers, that sale should not end at the close of transactions.

This means that you need to check back after products and services have been purchased to ensure that all is working well and that the customer is satisfied with that transaction.

Not just that, it is also an avenue to pitch them a complementary product or service that is related to the one they just purchased. Here you can explain to them the benefit of getting the complementary service or product, perhaps even at a discounted price (than if they later get it as a stand-alone). Explain why it is a good deal and how they are getting value for their money.