It’s highly unlikely that you wouldn’t have bumped into a real estate video ad on Facebook today.

Facebook seems to be the preferred social media channel for real estate marketers and videos, their favorite medium. How did we deduce this?

Not long ago, a survey found that 63% of real estate marketers invested in video production to connect with their target audience.

Furthermore, real estate marketers focused on Facebook because studies found more people watch Facebook videos than YouTube.

Like other businesses, real estate agents do understand the power of video content.

There is data to show that properties that contain at least one video get 4 times more leads than the others.

Today, we shall discuss the role of videos in real estate marketing and how to effectively use real estate video ads on Facebook.

The Role of Video Marketing in Real Estate

Why have real estate marketers taken to video ads? Why are they investing so much in Facebook?

Facebook isn’t the only social media platform. YouTube ads, Instagram ads, and several other options are open to marketers.

Plus, Facebook isn’t the biggest video hosting platform either. Yet, why do real estate marketers flock to Facebook?

Studies show that Facebook users are 5 times more likely to watch videos than other forms of content. Besides, as we discussed earlier, most people prefer visiting Facebook to real estate YouTube videos.

The real estate industry’s attraction towards video content is understandable.

Nowadays, video production is no expensive than creating other content types. Real estate agents can find video creators and editors at affordable rates from sites like Upwork.

Alternatively, agents can produce a video themselves. A tripod and a smartphone with a decent camera are the only two things one needs to record high-quality property videos.

Facebook does its part by providing Mobile Studio. This Facebook service helps users create video ads, include attractive fonts, add graphic elements, and other creative elements.

Why look elsewhere when everything needed to create real estate video ads is available in one place? These tools will help you create ads that stop users from overlooking your real estate videos.

Points to Focus Before You Create Video Ads for Real Estate

The following points will help create quality videos to achieve various goals including Facebook lead ads, drive traffic to increase website rank and conversions, and more.

Develop Buyer Personas

Facebook marketing with video ads will only work when you have a proper plan in place.

People will respond to ads that are relevant to them. Hence, even before creating real estate video ads, marketers should have a clear picture of their target audience.

You can begin by defining your target audience and developing one or more buyer personas.

We recommend creating multiple buyer personas because the target audience might be a combination of small, distinct groups.

You need multiple video ads to target each group. Bear in mind highly specific real estate video ads will increase the chances of generating leads.

Answers to the following questions will help you with the buyer personas:

  • What locality appeals to the target audience?
  • What types of properties will interest them?
  • What amenities are vital to the target audience?
  • What is their budget range?
  • What doubts do they have about selling the house?

Capture Attention in the First Few Seconds of the Video Ad

Social media users seek instant gratification. Videos that don’t attract attention in the first 3 seconds will lose the audience.

With hundreds and thousands of videos that appear on the timeline, Facebook users will just scroll to the next video.

Your real estate video ads should give Facebook users a reason to keep watching.

Marketers can grab attention by opening the video with the main pain point of the target audience.

Seeing scenes that users can instantly understand and connect to will stop them from scrolling and pay attention to the advertisement.

The point is to make a connection with the audience. This can be achieved by opening the video ad with a bold statement, a leading question, a vital stat, a testimonial, or a striking image.

This is where the buyer personas you created in the previous phase will come in handy.

If the first 3 seconds of the video contains stuff that matters to the viewers, then your job is half done.

Tips for an Effective Real Estate Video Ads Campaign on Facebook

In digital marketing, both hard work and smart work matter.

Most real estate marketing campaigns fail because they ignore crucial points that can get them noticed.

Here are a few best practices that’ll make the audience notice your ads from the thousands that are posted every day.

Closed Caption and Text Overlay

We all know about this, but let’s back it up with statistics. A vast majority of Facebook videos (78.2% to be precise) are watched without sound.

Video ads that depend on narration to elicit a favorable response from the viewers will lose out. Real estate marketers must use a combination of audio, images, and text overlays to convey their message.

This approach guarantees more than one benefit.

    • The video will reach a wider audience.
    • The message will make sense even without the sound.
    • Text overlays will highlight the vital points of the video.
    • Adding closed captions in different languages will remove the language barrier.

Use Short Videos to Maximize Impact

Video ads present a special challenge to real estate marketers.

Videos that are too short will not create the required impact and those that are too long will leave the audience disinterested and bored