You can use Instagram to attract real estate leads.


Pretty much every aspect of Instagram is well suited for real estate marketing: from photo to video-based elements that make it fun to showcase properties, coupled with the mobile-first approach, location data, and geo-targeting, investing in Instagram ads for real estate is money well spent. 

Instagram is huge. It’s maintained the growth of its user base in recent years. 

According to Statista, “the percentage of US adults who use Instagram grew from 35% to 37% — reaching 1 billion people — making it one f the fastest growing social media networks in 2021.


The truth be told, you don’t have to rely on Facebook to send qualified clicks and leads to your listings, Instagram is a huge goldmine for advertisers. 

When you advertise on Instagram, you can reach hundreds of thousands of potential leaders in and outside of your geographic location. This social network also has one of the best campaign targeting options.


Here are the 10 best practices every real estate marketer should follow:


1. Promote Specials And Open Houses


When advertising on Instagram, you should understand that it’s a time-sensitive social media platform. You’ll often see feeds turn over quickly and Stories disappear within 24 hours. 

This can be a huge challenge for advertisers but also an amazing social platform for promoting timely information. 

In particular, you can use Instagram to inform and motivate the target audiences about your current price specials and upcoming open houses. Here’s a good example from Mariana Pearson, a realtor.

These are all time-sensitive events that can do well when showcased on Instagram feeds. It could be a special holiday like Black Friday or Halloween. On the surface, it might be difficult to come up with real estate Instagram campaign ideas, but you can learn from a different industry. 

A great example to glean inspiration from is 3Wishes, a Lingerie store. During Halloween, they took advantage of the event to attract new customers and increase orders.

With this type of timely ad campaign, you need to be creative and persuasive with your copy. Add some fun elements to evoke emotions. Use a friendly tone in your copy, and even add some humor to light up the day.

2. Target Local Audiences In and Out Of Town


If your website ranking high on Google Map packs, congratulations. You’ll be getting a ton of local consumers. 

Unfortunately, not everyone of your audience uses Google to find local businesses, you shouldn’t miss out on these ones.

Instagram gives advertisers a ton of targeting options. By far the most essential targeting option for real estate and restaurants is location targeting. 

This must be your major priority when advertising property listings on the social site.