How to add your sold listings to your real estate website

Create Custom Lists of Sold Listings, or Your Current Listings, on your WordPress Real Estate Website


“…the key indicator that matters to the one client looking for help with that one transaction is; “Can you close the deal?”, says Trulia writer Jovan Hackley


Give your websites more G.L.A.M.R. by increasing your Legitimacy and proving that you Can Close The Deal.  You can do this by having a method to Display Sold Listings on your Real Estate Website.

100% of the Real Estate Websites we build are on WordPress.

90% of the Real Estate Websites we build are using IDX Broker Platinum.

90% of the Real Estate Websites we build are using an Agent Evolution Theme.


This instructional blog post assumes that your Real Estate Website is:

  • Built using WordPress
  • Built on the Genesis or Equity Framework
  • Powered by IDX Broker Platinum IDX


>>  If you need additional information about your WordPress Website you can view our complete: Website Instructional Video Series

How To Display Your Sold Listings

This can only be done by manually entering your listings.  You can use the Sold/Pending feature of IDX Broker… However, we recommend that you use the WP Listings Plugin.

Since both methods require your valuable time we think you will get maximum results using the WP Listings Plugin.

This is because your Sold Listings will be stored on your self hosted WordPress in an archive that will give your Local SEO some much needed Google Juice.  They will act like blog posts, or new content, and help build your Search Rankings.


Login to your WordPress Real Estate Website

>>  https://www.YourWebsiteDomain/wp-admin

Enter your Username and Password


Step 1 >> Download the WP Listings Plugin

Download the WP Listings Plugin

  1. Click on “Plugins” and then “Add New”
  2. Enter the keywords “WP Listings” into the search bar
  3. When you see “WP Listings” by Agent Evolution Click “Install Now”


>>  You will be taken to a Plugin Activation Screen

Activate Plugin

  1. Click “Activate Plugin”


Step 2 >>  Set Up The WP Listings Plugin

WP Listings Settings

  1. Click on “Listings” then click on “Settings”
  2. Enter your “Default State”
  3. You can change the default slug “listings”
    1. If you change the default slug be sure to click on the “reset your permalink” link and simply click Save.
    2. This will reset your permalinks.
  4. Save Settings


Step 3 >> Customize The Archive Page

WP Listings Archive Settings

  1. Click “Listings” then click on “Archive Settings”
  2. Give your listings a Title
  3. Enter Some Optional Intro Text
  4. Set your Layout Settings
  5. Save Settings


Step 4 >>  Add New Sold Listing

Add New Sold Listing

  1. Click on “Listings” then click on “Add New”
  2. Enter the Title for your listing
    1. We recommend you use the full address
    2. Be sure to at least include the city the listing was sold
  3. Enter the Listing Description


Add Listing Details

  • Add any Listing Details you would like included
  • Add any text you would like added as a Ribbon over the image that displays on the WP Listings Widget


Add Sold Listing Images

  • You can create a Photo Gallery
  • Click on the “Add Media” button and add 1-3 images


WP Listings Embeds

  • You can add the embed code for:
    • A Virtual Tour; Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
    • Google Maps


>> To add A Google Map

Google Maps Embed Code

  • Visit Google Maps:
  • Enter the Address of the listing in the search bar
  • Search and you will see the listing as Red Pin on the Map
  • Click the Gear Icon
  • Click on the “Share or Embed Map” link


Google Maps Embed Code Customization

  • Click on the “Embed Map” Link
  • Click on “Custom Size”
  • Enter 600 x 300
  • Copy the Embed Code:  <iframe src=”….>
  • Go back to your WordPress Website and Paste the embed code


Add Additional Details

  • Add Any Additional Details you would like displayed


Select the Listings Status

  • Select the “Status” of the Listing
    • You can add a new Status Category if you like
  • Select the “Location” of the Listing
    • You can add a new Status Category if you like


Listing Property Type

  • Select any “Features” of the Listing
    • You can add a new Status Category if you like
  • You can add a “Custom Background Image” for your listing page


Publish Your Sold Listing

  • You can Purchase custom WP Listings Templates from Agent Evolution if you would like a more customized look.
  • Once you have entered all the Listing Data you can “Preview” the listing to see how it will appear on your Website.
  • Once you are satisfied with the look of the Listing click “Publish”


Step 5  >>  How to Display Sold Listings

  1. You Can Display Your Listings as a Page Category
  2. You Can Display Your Listings as  a Widget


>> 1. Displaying Your Sold Listings as a Page Category

WP Listings Categories

  • You can display a list of your listings by Category
    • Status
    • Locations
    • Property Types
    • Features
  • Click on “Listings” then click on the Category that you would like to view
  • In the above example; We clicked on “STATUS”
  • Click on the Sub Category “Sold” this is the link that displays only Sold Listings


>>  OR You can add the list directly to your Navigation Bar:

WP Listings Categories To Menu

  • Click on “Appearance” then click on “Menus”
  • Make sure you have the correct menu, or Navigation Bar, selected
  • Click on the Arrow icon next to “Status”
  • Check the box of the Status you would like displayed; “Sold”
  • That will add a Draggable box to your “Menu Structure”
  • Move the box, or Menu Link, where you would like it
  • Give it a “Navigation Label”
    • Remember that this is what will be displayed as a link on your Websites Menu bar… so don’t make it to long.
  • Save Menu


WP LIstings Category Menu Display

  • This is how your Newly Created Sold Listings Menu Link will display

>> 2 Displaying Your Sold Listings as a Widget

Displaying your sold listings as a widget

  • Drag the “WP Listings” “Featured Listings” Widget to the widget location you would like your sold listings displayed
  • Enter a Title
  • Select the Image Size
  • Enter how many listings you would like displayed
  • Select the Category of Listings you would like displayed; “Sold”
  • If you would like to display a column of listings check the “Split Listings into Columns?” box
    • Then select how many columns you would like displayed
    • Default is 1 column
  • Click Save


WP Listings Widget Display



 IDX Broker

If you would like to create your list of Sold Listings using your IDX Broker Account:

Please note: IDX Broker begins archiving listing data as of the first day that the MLS approves your account. This page will not contain any listings that were sold or taken off the market prior to that date. Archived listings will display here for 45 days. It is recommended that you log in every 4 to 6 weeks to update statuses on any listings you wish to keep a record of.

To view archived listings, go to Listings –> Sold & Pending Listings:

This page allows you to assign “Sold” or “Pending” status to various archived properties. Because we do not receive sold and pending listing data, we will not know the actual status of the listing (sold or pending vs. canceled, withdrawn, expired, or other statuses). You will want to designate these statuses in your control panel.

To edit the listing, click on the little pencil (edit) icon to the left of the listing. This will take you to the following screen to edit the property status:

These listings will now appear on your Sold/Pending Gallery link under  Account Management > Page Links:

In the “Listing Pages” section under the Sold/Pending Gallery subheader: