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Last month, I shared with you a cool new piece of real estate tech – the Master Lock Bluetooth® Lock Box, Model 5440ENT. To follow that up, I want to share more about how this product will help improve your real estate business.

According to the National Association of Realtors, there were 1,383,010 members as of July 2019.

That means that as real estate professionals, we need to be smart to stay ahead of the competition. One way to do that is by staying tech savvy and using technology to our benefit. This lock box’s technology allows you to easily monitor and manage property access directly from your smartphone.

A side benefit to using this lock box is that your client will feel safe, confident their property is secure, and trust you more. Trust is the number one commodity of successful real estate agents, as it leads to more appointments and ultimately more sales.

It also helps to organize your access data, and overall allows you to work smarter and easier. There is so much more to this lock box than a pretty face— and it is pretty.

I will explain additional ways that this tool will help you gain client trust, stay organized and overall support your real estate business below.

Easily Grant Access To Your Listing

Grant Access To Listings Easily

As I mentioned above, the competition for real estate services is steep. Being a successful real estate agent today requires us to not only wear many hats, but to be good at wearing them. Time management plays a significant role in how productive we can be. We have to be smart with our time because, if you’re like me, you’re constantly trying to find more of it!

We all know that, over the span of a sales cycle, there are going to be numerous people that will need access to your listing. While each listing is different, it can be between 20 to 50 (or more) groups going in and out of the home – this makes property access hard to keep track of.

If we need to schedule and meet each person at the listing – that time can add up. Then, factor in if there are multiple listings or even worse, out of town listings!

In order to be more productive, we need to have a system for letting people into our client’s home. It has to be safe, secure and easily accessible. Until now, the solution for that was a second lock box. Often times, that means a manual combination lock box that we would attach to the fence, gas meter, or hose. This option does solve one problem: we do not need to meet everyone at the house that needs access. But it also means many locks, many keys, many codes – which can get messy.

That’s where this smart lock box comes in. With the Portable Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box, we can grant access to the listing with the use of an easy to use app. This means that you can easily give access to the listing right from your phone, wherever you are. And whether you grant access via Bluetooth or a temporary code, you still see in the audit history when that person opened the lock box.

Building Trust With Your Clients

Building Trust with your clients_optimized

How can a new lock box build trust with your clients? By providing improved security and peace of mind to your clients, enhancing your organization and providing access insights. Let me explain.

Let’s say that you decide to increase your productivity by adding a second lock box to your client’s home to give access to vendors, contractors and selling agents. Then, you purchase a standard combination lock box from the hardware store. How safe do you think your client’s key is in that box? And why go through the hassle of purchasing a second lock box in the first place when Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box can work as either your main lock box or your second box when needed?

Even if you are diligent and change the code every time you put the lock on a new listing, which I know most of us are guilty of forgetting to do… You are still giving the same 4-digit code to multiple people over the course of the listing. You have no idea when they actually came and for how long they stayed.

Your clients will feel safer knowing that the only way that someone could access their home is if their real estate agent gave them a temporary usage code for access using the Master Lock Vault Enterprise system, rather than a static 4-digit code that was shared with multiple people. That sense of security will translate into more trust in you, the real estate agent.

The number one complaint that people have with their agent is a lack of communication. Having a robust audit trail will give you a talking point and will allow you to share with your client exactly who is coming and going, when they were there and for how long they stayed.

Control Over Who Comes And Goes


We already talked about the Bluetooth connectivity – so let’s chat about the benefits of ShowingTime™ software. Many Realtors® already take advantage of the scheduling features that ShowingTime is known for. Now, the Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Boxes can even integrate with ShowingTime, enabling scheduling and access all from one app.

This further simplifies how we manage the showing process as agents. When an appointment is scheduled in the ShowingTime app, the agent only has access to the Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box for that specific appointment window, giving you control over who is able to come and go. This is real magic with the product.

With ShowingTime, you can schedule and confirm showing requests, generate more feedback for your client’s listings and build more trust with your clients

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What makes the Master Lock Bluetooth enabled Lock Box the best for real estate agents?

It is a piece of technology that you can easily add to your business that will help you build trust with your clients.

Using this lock box, your clients will feel safer, you will have more control and more data to share, all while making your work easier.

The combination of Bluetooth, the Master Lock Vault Enterprise App and ShowingTime, along with the most trusted name in locks, Master Lock, give you the ability to easily grant access to your listings while having full control over who can come and go along with a robust audit trail to share.

You can use this lock as both the main lock for your property as well as a secondary lock box, if needed. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you remember the code or losing track of how many people have access to the property. No need to stress about whether anyone is sharing your code to the wrong people. All this is done while building the trust of your clients.