This post is in partnership with Master Lock® but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

As an active real estate agent of many years, sometimes I like to share products that I have stumbled across that I think other agents need to know about.

As we all know, lock boxes are a part of our everyday. Having a quality go-to lock box can solve a lot of security issues and make your day-to-day less of a headache. I have found the ideal lock box for real estate agents: The Portable Master Lock Bluetooth® Lock Box, Model 5440ENT. The lock box is part of a larger integrated software for real estate agents: Master Lock Vault Enterprise.

Previously, I had been using a contractor’s lock box that I got off the shelf at Home Depot. I was never fully happy with the lock box because providing access to second parties felt like a hassle. I was also always stuck with the feeling that my properties weren’t fully safe. As a result, I was left looking for something more efficient.

Before, when additional people needed access to a property, a second mechanical lock box was added to the property to grant access to contractors, photographers, stagers etc. However, adding a mechanical lock box is less secure because you lose your audit trail and ability to add/revoke users. Let’s be honest… we all know most people never change the code on their mechanical lock boxes. In addition, it is kind of a hassle to manage two lock boxes with physical keys that can easily be lost, stolen or replicated.

With Master Lock Vault Enterprise for real estate agents, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

What qualities make a lock box system efficient, effective and highly secure for real estate needs?

Master Lock Vault Enterprise

master lock vault enterprise

Everyone knows that Master Lock makes one of the safest locks on the market, but what makes the Master Lock Vault Enterprise stand out is the seamless combination of its Bluetooth enabled hardware and Master Lock Vault Enterprise integrated software.

Master Lock Vault Enterprise combines easy to use software and a mobile app to provide agents with a smart, simple and secure way to manage access to your listings.

Some of my favorites with Master Lock Vault Enterprise are how easy it is to assign an agent or affiliate either Bluetooth access or a temporary code to the lock boxes. It is so simple to check the app to learn who opened the lock box and when so I can confirm a showing took place and follow up.

And I really like how I can keep the conversation going with my client while opening the lock box with my phone instead of fumbling with a combination.

Bluetooth® Lock Box Model 5440ENT

Master Lock Bluetooth® Lock Box, Model 5440ENT

There are multiple locks available in the Master Lock Bluetooth line, but the one designed for real estate agents (and one we should be focusing on) is the Master Lock Bluetooth L