“If you really want to create a better product, service or company create a better experience and wrap it around what you actually sell.”  (Duct Tape Marketing)


There are no guarantees in life—but are there guarantees in customer service? Maybe, just maybe, if you put the right amount of thought and attention into the process, you might guarantee yourself and your brand a positive customer service experience each and every time.

As a real estate professional we often talk about getting leads and referrals but we seem to spend less time talking about how to keep them and dazzle them.

If you really want to unlock the secret to generating more referrals it starts with providing an excellent customer experience.

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It starts, of course, with figuring out where customer service occurs, and for this you need to think broader and more creatively than just in-person and over-the-phone contacts.

Your customer service includes everything from printed materials to online posts. And if it’s not mobile friendly, it needs to be, because mobile is where more and more people are at for interactions with brands.

I talk about this in the 5 Goals of a real estate site… Legitimize.  Becoming a legitimate business is of course bigger than just your website.  It should be a goal in your entire business model.


5 “Golden Rules” Of Providing An Excellent Real Estate Customer Experience


Michelle Salatto of Zurple shares her 5 golden rules as:

  1. Let empathy be your guide
  1. Be engaged & responsive
  1. Remember abc – always be communicative
  1. Go the extra mile
  1. Show your appreciation



If I had to guess the area that most of the real estate agents that I speak to are the weakest, I would say in client follow up.

We work so hard to get new leads and referrals and then we do a fantastic job of:

  • Buying or selling
  • Marketing
  • Negotiating
  • Closing The Deal

When the deal ends… many of us end our communication.

That is the worst mistake we can make!

Take the time to put your clients into a CRM and stay in contact with them.  I’m serious… do it.

The infographic below was created by Salesforce and I would estimate they are the most popular option for small business CRM.  There are also many good real estate specific CRM platforms available.

To name a few.

If you have a WordPress website you can use a handy little plugin called, Leadin, to build a CRM into your dashboard.


How can you optimize the customer service experience? This graphic offers concrete steps to implement today


How To Ensure A Good Customer User Experience Infographic

Best Customer User Experience in real estate