Local searches can help your real estate business boom.


That’s because people don’t just use Google for weird medical problems or curiosities.


People actually look for things they want to buy on Google.


google search


And if you’re there to greet them with the right offer, you can boost your bottom line.


You can harness the power of local search results to help you close more deals.


But how do you go about it?


What Is Local Search Visibility?


First, let’s understand what we’re talking about.


Local searches are geographically tied searches like “penthouse for sale New York” or “Italian Restaurants near me”.


And the results for this type of search are similar to your average SERP (Search Engine Results Page) but they also come with a twist.

They have a rich snippet (an extra box on the results page) displaying local businesses:


Google Map Pack


It doesn’t even have to be a term containing a city or keyword modifier like “near me”.


For some searches, Google will automatically display a search results box based on your location.


For example, if you Google “apartments” you’ll most likely find a list of apartment complexes near your location.


So in turn, Local Search Visibility is about showing up on that rich snippet and maximizing your chances of getting a spot in the regular search results below that box:


Google Search 2


So how do you get there?


Tip #1 – Use The Right Keywords On Your Site


Let’s backtrack a little bit.


How does Google work?


Shortly (and I emphasize that “shortly” part), people input search terms (usually referred to as keywords) in the Google search bar, and then Google uses its large network of crawlers to display websites that, among other things, feature those keywords.


Google search keywords