Social media is the most profitable free resource you can invest in, which is why real estate agents need to make it their mission to harness its power and use it correctly.


The results of a successful social media marketing campaign are stratospheric:

Increased Engagement = Increased Awareness = Higher Conversion Rate



With an estimated, and still growing, 81 percent of Americans (2 billion people) having a social media profile (mainly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) it is a market that must be tapped into by all businesses.

But I am not telling you anything that you don’t already know.

If you have a real estate business you know how important building relationships is and how difficult it can be to communicate with clients in person.   Social media allows us to connect to and communicate with our clients faster, more often, and for free.

Social Media also gives you a platform to generate more leads and beat out your local competition. From promotion and advertising to building your brand, here are 5 social media marketing tips for improving your real estate business’ online footprint.


1. Make The Most Of Visual Media

Social media users react more positively to visual media than to a wall of text – photos are crucial, but don’t shy away from video.

Real estate businesses specialize in selling a lifestyle – not just a pile of bricks. Therefore, showcasing properties visually can feed potential clients’ imaginations and is the most effective way to lure in leads.

Social media users will better-receive videos and photos that are in high-resolution and are professionally edited, so if visual media isn’t your forte consider enlisting professional assistance, such as these website designers, Leicester. Your business will really benefit.


2. Focus On Local

Real estate businesses work most closely with people looking to buy and sell in their area, so make sure you make your location a key focus of your social media marketing strategy.

Use the GeoTagging resource to your advantage and tag your location on everything you post on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will mean that your net is cast firmly over your area (more so than your local competition) and prospective leads will be more likely to find your business.

Focusing on your location is also great for your business’ local SEO; GeoTagging and inputting your address will alert Google that you are a reputable business in your area and you’ll be rewarded with a higher ranking.


3. Track data

Track content performance on the analytic tools that are provided by each of the social media platforms, and use it to craft a social strategy.

This will alert you to the effectiveness of factors such the best time of day to post and whether your audience responds better to landscape or portrait images, photos or videos, information pieces, or memes and quotes.

Tools like Buffer allow you to pre-plan tweets weeks in advance, so you can plan and implement a social schedule ahead of time. You will also be able to see the volume of engagement your tweets have received.


4. Nurture Leads

While a lot of your efforts should be put into attracting new leads, similar amounts of attention should be given to existing leads.

This is because your leads can take months – even years – to buy and sell a property, and even when they do they might remain in your area, so should be continually marketed to.

This is where email marketing and social media marketing can nurture those relationships and bridge the gap between online and offline. Social media-wise, keep interacting with your leads on your social channels and make them feel part of your community.


5. Promote News and Updates

Every success your business experiences – big or small – should be promoted online.

Have you got a brand-new luxury property on your books? Or has your most junior team member sold their first house? Whatever it is, share your successes!

Also, engage with any news that is relevant to your business and industry to show your online community that you’re knowledgeable and involved.



By following these simple social media tips your business will skyrocket, and you’ll experience more engagement which will translate into more conversions. The possibilities are endless!