In 2018, the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials estimated that there are about 2 million active licensed real estate agents in the US.


Add to that the possibility of doing almost everything online, which gave house hunters the freedom to look or sell properties on their own.


With these emerging challenges, a real estate agent in this digital world like you can’t stick with just the traditional marketing strategies anymore. You need to kick your marketing strategies up a notch!




It’s time to bring your A-game to your real estate business, and convince people that you’re the buyer/seller’s advocate they need.


If you’re planning your next marketing strategy and/or campaigns, check out these 50 real estate marketing tactics!


1. Get active on Zillow


If you want to take the online population of buyers and investors, get on Zillow. Millions of houses and rentals are available from different points in America are available here.


Zillow’s Premier Agent feature allows you to advertise your property on Zillow and Trulia listings. More, more exposure for you!


2. Host a mega open house tour!


As Tom Ferry suggests, you can add more excitement to your house tours by inviting neighbors and everyone in your database. With promises of foods, drinks, and a memorable time!


Some agents have brought in food trucks so people can enjoy good food after the tour. One even brought a snow machine from one of his open houses during the Christmas season!


3. Invite the neighbors to your open house


Go door-to-door. Introduce yourself that you bought the new property in the neighborhood and you want to invite them to your open house tour so they’ll get a glimpse of the house.



4. Provide opportunities for the neighbors to know their home value


Say some of the invited neighbors are looking to sell their property. You’ll want to add these leads to your database in case they decide to sell their home or other property.


You can set up some phones or iPads within the property where they can answer some sort of quiz/form to know their home’s value.


Before they learn the results, they need to provide their names, email address and contact number. After hat, you can email them the results, which can serve as confirmation that the email ad they provided is correct.


5. Sell the community around the property


Get to know your farm area. What establishments are within the vicinity of the property? Do you know the local business owners? How about the neighbors?


Once you know the area around the property, it would be easy for you to sell the benefits of purchasing the property.


6. Put in some decors to add more life to your property


Those that people will remember and will be the first thing they ask you when they inquire for the property. I’d like to check the house with the retro wallpapers. You’d know in an instant which property s/he’s referring to.


7. Always have good photographs of the property.


“Take pictures like you’re telling a story. Let prospects visualize their life in the property by walking them around visually.”

Take professional photos