Another Reason I Think The Best Contact Form Plugin is Formidable Pro

I am quite aware of the fact that most will say the Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress is:

Paid: Gravity Forms

Free: Contact Forms 7

That is fine.  I remember when the Apple computer was just a prettier monitor.

Ok, that may be a pretty extreme comparison… but I was recently thinking about when the main reason people were buying Apple computers was because you could get a cool neon monitor.

My point is that I have tried all 3 Web form plugins and I think that Formidable is the most user-friendly.  That is important to me because I want my clients to have the ability to create their own Call To Action forms on their WordPress Websites that I create.


 Formidable Pro Merges With Zapier

Have you heard of Zapier?  It is a web service that understands that as business owners we need to use many web applications and it would be great if they all worked together.

“Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online apps (like Salesforce, Basecamp, and Gmail). This helps you use complementary apps side-by-side!

With Zapier there is no more waiting for app developers to build integrations. No more expensive freelance programmers. No more unreliable interns. No more lengthy deployment times.”(Zapier)

With the help of Zapier, my Formidable Forms Pro can now integrate with over 200 applications.

Zapier Integrations

Just a few of the possibilities:

  • Save a new Formidable entry into a Google Doc.
  • Put new leads into Capsual from a formidable pro form
  • Automatically create a new Evernote note from a Formidable form entry
  • Automatically create Asana tasks from Formidable form entries.
  • Add a new subscriber to Campaign Monitor when a Formidable form is submitted.
  • Easily add a new contact to Constant Contact when a Formidable form is submitted.
  • Easily add a new contact to Mad Mimi when a Formidable form is submitted.
  • When a file is uploaded in a Formidable form, automatically add it to Dropbox.
  • Every time there is a new entry Zapier will create a Google Calendar Event.
  • Formidable New Entry to Freshbooks Create Task
  • Formidable New Entry to Twitter Create Tweet
  • Formidable New Entry to QuickBooks Create Task
  • Put new leads into Sales Force from a formidable pro form


How To Set Up Zapier Integration

You will need to have:

  1. Formidable Pro Plugin
  2. Formidable Zapier Add-on
    1. Download Add On
    3. Note: The Zapier add-on requires Formidable 1.07.05+.
    4. Make sure you are NOT using the default WordPress permalinks. If you’re not sure, go to the WordPress Settings → Permalinks page to check. You will get 404 errors in Zapier when you try to authorize your Zap if you use default permalinks.
  3. Zapier Account
    1. Now that the plugin is activated, go to Zapier and start creating new Zaps. You will need your API key, which can be found on the Formidable → Global Settings → API tab and your site URL (including the https:// and the trailing /) to set up your first Zap.


Other Formidable Integrations

  • Mailchimp
  • Paypal
  • Math Captcha
  • AWeber
  • Highrise
  • Twilio
  • Multi Langue
  • Bootstrap Styling


 What do you think is the Best Contact Form Plugin?