When potential buyers decide to look into the real estate industry today, they use the Internet first. Instead of contacting an agent they already know, they will check out the available offer and search for reviews online. If they go to check out a property, they want instant calculations. They would love to provide feedback through an app.

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Technology sets the trends in real estate nowadays.

Gone are the days when newspaper ads meant something. If you’re not great at using tech tools, you’re out of the game. You have to build the perfect website, implement SEO techniques, and be available on social media for potential clients to reach you.

A modern real estate agent is all over the place.

But hey; you can handle it. For each task you’re supposed to cover, there’s an app you can use.

Let’s go through a list of the absolute best apps of 2020. They cover different aspects of your work. You don’t have to use them all. But the ones you choose can function in perfect synergy.


The 26 Best Apps 2020 for Real Estate Agents


10bII Calc HD


10bii calculator


Are you still using an old-fashioned calculator and relying on your personal math skills to calculate things for your clients? Bummer.

Did you know that you can calculate everything much faster without any effort involved?

This is an amazing app that will calculate loans, savings, and leasing, interest rates, loan payments, amortization, business percentages, and all other boring aspects of your job.

It costs $5.99 as a one-time payment.






Setapp is not an app; it’s a service that gives you a collection of apps for Macs. Instead of purchasing premium apps individually, you can subscribe to Setapp and you’ll get access to many that you’ll actually use.

These are some of the featured best apps 2020 that can be useful for a real estate agent:

  • Home Inventory (for knowing what you have in each property you’re trying to sell)
  • Receipts (for managing financial documents)
  • Endurance (for boosting the Mac’s battery life)
  • AnyTrans (for managing and backing up iOS devices from your Mac)
  • Workspaces (for organizing your work)

You pay a monthly membership of $9.99 to access all the apps in the offer.






Xome is a platform for real estate industry research. There are many others that serve that purpose. The thing that makes Xome special? Auctions! Some of them are exclusive to this platform.

If you’re willing to get a deal on standard, short-sale, foreclosed, and bank-owned listings, this is the place for you.

Xome is available as an app for iOS and Android, so you can check out the offers on the go.

Actually, there are two apps: Xome Real Estate and Xome Real Estate Auctions. Both are free.






Capturing leads is one of the most important goals that real estate agents have when they show an open house. That’s why they give out forms for the visitors to fill in. Well; it’s 2020. Why use paper forms when you can use an app?

You get all impressions from your leads in a single place. It’s easier for them to use their phones to provide feedback, and it’s easier for you to analyze the details.


Property Fixer


property fixer


This is a real estate investment calculator, and it’s one of the essential apps that a real estate agent needs. When you’re flipping properties, you need precise calculations of the return of investment.

This app will calculate the profit. It considers the sales price, improvement and selling costs, buying and holding costs, and the purchase price.

You can do the same thing by hand, but why bother when you can use an app?


Homesnap Pro Plus