If you are a real estate agent there is no doubt that you have been successful at, invested in or thought about building your online web presence and your local SEO search results.

According to the MOZ Local SEO Ranking Factors Survey...'Google My Business Signals' is the most important ranking factor.Click To Tweet

(MOZ Local SEO Ranking Factors Survey)

The idea of having people find you online and give you a call to help them buy or sell real estate sounds amazing.  And there are thousands of brands, SEO, coaches and the like that are constantly telling you that you need to be online, you need a website, you need to blog and be on Social Media.

I know that many of you have tried these things and have not had any success.  For that I apologize.  I am one of those thousands of people that have been telling you this.

I am not saying it does not work… on the contrary I have success with it in my own business.  But like any marketing strategy it takes time and effort.

If you think it is something you would like to incorporate into your marketing strategy then this guide will help get you started.


local seo search ranking factors
Google My Business Signals 25%

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Link Signals 16%

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Review Signals 15%

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On Page Signals 14%

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Citation Signals 10%

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Behavioral Signals 9%

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Personalization Signals 5%

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Social Signals 2%

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…The process of increasing the quality and quantity of your traffic or visitors to your Real Estate Website by increasing the visibility of your real estate website to users of a web search engine, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic/visitors and the purchase of paid placement. Otherwise known as Organic Traffic.


It is the work that you do to get your business found online.

It is not an exact science, but with a little research, a consistent plan and a little luck you can get your real estate business in front of consumers online.


The same as Real Estate SEO but focusing on specific locations rather than just across the entire web.  Making Local SEO much more effective for real estate agents, teams and offices.

In 2016, it was simply putting a location in front of a search term.

Non Local SEO Search Term:

  • Real Estate

Local SEO Search Term:

  • Seattle Real Estate

Since 2016, Google has seen a 92% growth in searches for “best real estate agent,” (Source: Google Data, US, 2018 vs. 2017) and a 61% increase in searches for “homes for sale near me.” (Source: Google Internal Data 2018 vs 2017)

Now Google knows where you are and will find the search term that is located near you.

If you want to rank for the local search terms then you need to tell Google where you are.  It can guess… but it is a robot.  You should probably make sure you tell them.

Now that you have a general idea what Local SEO is and how Google weights the different ranking factors let’s take a deeper dive.

I will go into great depth about each of the  8 different ranking factors and explain what they mean, how you can optimize for them and give you some examples.

It is important that you understand that growing your local SEO presence is a big undertaking and not something that can be done in a day.  Rather it requires a little bit of time every day over a long period of time.

Let’s Get Started!


There are millions of little signals that Google uses to determine how to rank web results.  According to MOZ the most important signals for building strong local SEO are Google My Business signals.

These are the signals that are associated with your GMB profile that when optimized and set up correctly will most influence how your business ranks on Google.

Before we get into the ranking signals themselves we should first take a deeper dive into GMB or Google My Business.


It is Google’s way of letting us tell their robots where we are.  Or, what local search terms we should rank for.  If your office is in Seattle.  Then you should have the opportunity to get ranked for search terms with the word Seattle in front of them.

*I can not guarantee that you will rank for your Local SEO Search Terms if you Google Your Business… but,  I can guarantee that will have a better chance if you do.

Google explains their product as:

“Engage with customers on Google for free: With a Google My Business account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.”

If you’ve ever typed the name of a business into Google and seen an informative mini overview of the company appear on the right-hand side of the screen, then you’ll have seen a Google My Business profile in action. Essentially, it provides a snippet of information about your company for the user. It should include your name, address and phone number as a minimum requirement.

Google My Business profile for real estate also gives you the chance of appearing in map results. This means that if a user local to your business searches for a real estate business in your area you have a chance of appearing in the map result.



As a box on the side of the search page

business profile on local seo search results

As a pin on Google Maps

Google Maps local seo search

My personal favorite… 1 of 3 Map Search results for a product of service search.

Google Map Pack local seo results

Since the largest percentage of Local SEO Ranking Factor comes from your Google My Business account you should take a few minutes to make sure that it is set-up and optimized.

69 percent of home shoppers who take action on a real estate brand website begin their research with a local term, i.e. ‘Houston homes for sale,’ on a search engine.” National Association of REALTORS®’s recent Digital House Hunt study

Google My Business for real estate is a big deal.  The last 5 clients I have built websites for have not had Google profiles.  According to BrightLocal, “42% of local businesses don’t have their business information claimed”.  I suspect that percentage is higher with real estate agents.

The very first thing you should do if you want to eventually rank on Google for anything is to “Google My Business”.

You can build SEO without it if you really know what you are doing.  But if you really know what you are doing why wouldn’t you?

And now more than ever, “Google is about to revolutionize the way consumers find real estate agents”, according to Inman News.

‘Google is about to revolutionize the way consumers find real estate agents’, according to Inman News. Click To Tweet

To me it would be like expecting business leads from an Networking group, but not joining the group.  I mean you could still get some leads from the group… but you would probably get a lot more if you joined the group.


If you have not created a Google My Business Profile and you are serious about your local SEO results you should do that right now by clicking the button below:

Common Questions About Creating A Google My Business Account

Can I use my brokerage address?

    • Yes. But there can be side effects. If your brokerage has a strong presence they may overshadow you. Because of the Google Possum update, sometimes Google will only show 1 business in the Map Pack from the same address or building.

What should my business name be?

    • Keep this short and sweet like your name and a real estate term… Bob Smith Homes. If you have a brand name use that. What is important here is to pick a name and stick with it. Use it on your website and all business profiles. Also, be careful here there are some words that you can not use, such as misrepresenting your self as a brokerage if you are not.

Your NAP+W is critical for local SEO make sure to save it.

    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Website
  • Think of this combination as a Social Security number for your business on Google. Every time Google sees that combination they know it is your business.


Google My Business Dashboard

Once you have created a GMB Profile you will have access to a dashboard that allows you to:

  • Publish Posts, Events & Specials To Your Profile
  • Access Google Ads and Create Ads
  • See Business Insights and Stats
  • View and Respond To Reviews
  • Access Direct Messaging
  • Add Photos and Videos
  • Create A Free Website
  • Manage Business Info
  • And More


Now that you have alerted Google to the fact that you are a Local Business that would like to be indexed for local SEO results we need to give them a reason to rank you higher than other real estate agents in your area.

Rest assured if you only go as far as getting your Google Real Estate Business Listing set-up you will already be ahead of most.

If you would like to take it to the next level than you need to optimize your listing.

1. Complete Every Detail of Your Business Profile Keeping Your NAP+W in Mind

    • Logo
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Cover Photo
    • All Contact Information
    • Hours of Operation
    • A Complete Business Description
    • Service Areas
    • Website
    • Services
    • About

2. Get Positive Reviews On Your Business Listing

    • We will go into greater detail about this later

3. Add Update, Add Event, Add Offer or Add Product Every few weeks

Post to your business profile


  • Proximity of Address to the Point of Search (Searcher-Business Distance)
  • Physical Address in City of Search
  • Proper GMB Category Associations
  • Product/Service Keyword in GMB Business Title
  • Location Keyword in GMB Business Title
  • GMB Primary Category Matches a Broader Category of the Search Category (e.g. primary category=restaurant & search=pizza)
  • Completeness of GMB Listing
  • Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to GMB Landing Page
  • Quantity of Native Google Reviews (with text)
  • Product/Service Keyword in GMB Landing Page Title
  • Page Authority of GMB Landing Page URL
  • Location Keyword in GMB Landing Page Title
  • Quantity of Engagement Signals on GMB Listing (scrolling through listing, clicking photos, reading reviews, reading Q&A, clicking on Posts, etc.)
  • Age of GMB Listing
  • Verified GMB Listing
  • HTML NAP Matching GMB Listing NAP
  • Quantity of Inbound Links to GMB Landing Page URL
  • Local Area Code on GMB Listing
  • Association of Photos with GMB Listing

According to MOZ