Being a real estate agent means doing a hundred different things at once, including being an expert of Technology.




There’s so much to do – assisting sellers and buyers, determining clients’ needs and requirements, performing comparative market analysis, and what not.


That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of incredibly useful tools for real estate agents. Below down are our favorite picks for real estate tools that could help you streamline your workflows and simplify workload.


1.  ProofHub (Task management)



ProofHub is a collaborative task management tool that comes packed with powerful features to eliminate the need for having too many tools to run your business. The task management software empowers real estate agents to work together, get things delivered on time, and become insanely productive.


Some amazing features include online reports, Gantt charts, time tracking, custom-roles, notes among others. It helps to keep files and documents centralized to easily share and collaborate with others. All in all, it’s very versatile and user-friendly that could keep real estate agents accountable for their tasks and actions.


2. (CRM)



The core objective of every real estate agent is to keep their clients engaged and happy. To do so, one has to acquire new deals, understand their requirements, and prioritize important leads. This is where Fieldnotes enter the picture as the perfect CRM tool that lets them serve clients better and eventually grow business multi-fold.


Fieldnotes uses an AI bot named Sparky to act as your personal assistant.  Use Voice To Text to add contacts, schedule appointments, and manage your transactions.


3. BoxBrownie (Virtual staging & Image enhancement)




Take your real estate images from the ordinary to the extraordinary.


You have no idea how virtual staging can help you reap more benefits. Buyers, these days, have a short interest span. Thus staged photos give potential buyers an opportunity to imagine themselves and their stuff in the new property with high-quality photos.


Also, it claims that homes that are staged sell 75% faster than those that are not. Thus, Boxbrownie is an effective tool that provides virtual real estate staging and image enhancement within 48 hours. Impressive, isn’t it?


4. Canva (DIY marketing collateral)


canva real estate flyers


Whether your next design project is a creative collage, infographic, or a real estate design, Canva is a graphic design tool that helps people to create amazing designs. There are impressive features like speech bubble maker, photo enhancer, delicate fading, design grids, image straightening, and more. It comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.


With over 84 Real Estate Flyer templates to choose from you will surely be able to find one that fits your business profile.

It has many options for real estate people such as various photographs, fonts, graphics, real estate flyer templates, postcard templates, brochure templates to choose from.

I used Canva to create the Featured Image for this post.


5. CHIME (Lead generation)


CRM Features


In order to grow your business past the limitations of your current sphere of influence you will need a lead generation system.  This is where Chime comes in.  It is an all in one Website with IDX, CRM, Traffic Generating, Lead Capturing, Nurturing and Converting real estate system.

Let’s face it content marketing and SEO are hard, farming is confusing and cold calling sucks.

Chime is part of the Geographical Farming company that coach Tom Ferry endorses and is the best way to generate leads for you or your team.


6.  Matterport (3D virtual tours)



Give them more than fact sheets and 2D photos… give them a 3D Virtural Tour Experience

According to Realtor Mag, Ninety-four percent of young adults from the millennial generation and 84 percent of baby boomers said they used online websites in their home search.

Put yourself in their shoes.  You sit down at your computer or open your favorite app and enter in your search parameters.  Maybe, you get 20-50 results.

You want to filter that down to 4 or 5 you would like to tour.  How are you going to filter that list down?

Refine the price?  Narrow in on specific area? Tighten your search requirements?

Perhaps, but I bet you will start looking at pictures.  You will get a feeling about each listing based on the images you view and you will start to heart the ones that give you a good feeling.

What if you could tour the homes that you were deciding against?  Would that give that listing an edge?  Sure it would.


7.  MailChimp (Newsletters and ads)



I have been singing the praises of Mailchimp for as long as I have been doing digital marketing. It integrates easily into most web applications that I use. It is free up to 2,000 contacts. And the new Mail Editor tools is awesome. There are other popular email marketing services.. but give me the chimp.

Everything in MailChimp is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is choose an email list, select an email template, customize content, and send.

One of the biggest advantages of sending email campaigns through MailChimp is that you can see the properties that prospective buyers are watching from the email campaign.


8.  DocuSign (Transaction management)


DocuSign is an electronic signature platform that is helping realtors to move a business forward securely and reliably. Whether you’re approving a purchase, closing a deal, or signing an agreement, DocuSign is one of the world’s most trusted transaction management tool.


If you’re wondering it’s just about e-signatures, let me tell you that it’s much more than that. It enables digital workflows that reduce costs, save time, and move a business forward.

There are a few other electronic signature tools that you might want to take a look at.

  • Authentisign
  • Pandadoc
  • Hell0sign
  • Dotted Sign



9.  Structurely (AI-based lead generation)



Structurely comes with a chatbot named Aisa Holmes which uses artificial intelligence for lead engagement and generation. Whenever a prospective client contacts you through a website, Facebook, or any other digital platform, it engages the client through messaging around the clock.


When leads expect an insightful and quick reply, Structurely comes to your rescue and gives you that peace of mind. Also, you can take over the conversation at any time and take it forward and further set up a meeting.


10.  Animoto (Real estate and marketing videos)




Market your priorities with videos and slideshows made to impress with this real estate marketing video tool. Animoto is the easiest way to make real estate videos that allows you to create high-quality and stunning videos in just a few minutes.


It also lets you add text to your video and choose the music soundtrack of your own choice. You can personalize fonts, add brand colors and pin logo watermark to your videos.


11.  Feedly (Content creation)



The nature of the real estate industry is competitive. One has to stay updated with everything happening on the real estate front. The easiest way to do this is by constantly monitoring news about your industry, product, and competitors on the web. This is where Feedly comes to the picture.


It’s no secret that content creation plays a huge role in the real estate domain. This RSS aggregation is quite helpful for realtors to keep track of the latest posts, real-estate websites, articles, and real estate blogs. Feedly is effective as it saves you a lot of time to curate relevant content which is otherwise wasted on long drawn-out searches on the web.


12.  OneNote (Note taking)


Okay, I know you might be thinking that why a note-taking application is listed as an appropriate technology tool for real estate agents? Well, the answer is simple – OneNote is your digital notebook that could help real estate agents to jot down their next meeting or specific property requirement by clients.


There are Important and To-do tags so that you don’t miss out on important notes and saves you from being embarrassed in front of prospective buyers. Plus, you can always share notes, take photos to remember property features, and even document construction progress with OneNote.


13.  BombBomb (Video email)



Videos have become a valuable tool for business promotion. Believe it or not, about 82% of internet users are consuming video content in one way or the other and more than half of digital marketing experts are getting the best ROI with videos and email marketing.


BombBomb is one such tool for anyone who wants to build trust, convert leads, and win referrals with video emails. Probably, that’s why it is a great tool for real estate agents that help you humanize your communication with your contacts. Along with powerful email marketing, it’s a full sales platform for realtors helping them with automation, mass emailing, and lead capture forms, and insightful analytics.


14.  DropBox (File backup and sharing)


It’s natural for real estate agents to have huge volumes of information and site-related stuff to share. It won’t be a good idea to keep uploading information and storing them on a computer as it would take a lot of their time. DropBox is a useful document repository that could help you with this problem.


When you are in the field or appointment, DropBox can help you store and respond quickly to potential clients. You can also share property photos, floor plans, rental requirements. Don’t worry about the heavy property video recording as you can store large videos and even send the link to clients to view them later easily with DropBox.


15.  Pagemodo (Social media)

Pagemodo is a perfect tool to change the look of your social media pages and develop a powerful social media presence. The nature of the business is very visual and people do consider how you present yourself on various social media platforms. It helps real estate agents to create dynamic cover photos, launch custom tabs, and even engage with fans which further helps to generate new leads which is something that always bothers realtors and now they have a solution for it in the form of Pagemodo.


16.  Freshbooks (Invoice and accounting)


Knowing the estate prices is not enough, one has to take care of tax sums, commission, and extra expenses as well. Freshbooks is an invoice and accounting software that takes care of expenses, estimates, accounts, payments helping real estate agents to run business faster and easier. Freshbooks can also be used to create professional looking invoices which in return might even help you get paid faster.



Create professional real estate infographics in 4 steps and real estate brochures that are sure to amaze your clients and potential clients in 5 steps.


BONUS #2  SPARK RENTAL (Property Management Tool)


Spark Rental

Whether you manage your own rental properties or just need an amazing resource for your investor clients this tool will help to simplify property management. It helps you to fill vacancies with list everywhere, quick tenant screening and custom leases.  Automate your rental management with rent collection, expense tracking, one-click Schedule E forms & more.  Create auto-records such as leases, move-in condition photos & all communications tracked.


BONUS #3  PAPERLESS PIPELINE (Transaction Management)



If you are running your own team or starting a brokerage you are going to need a transaction management software solution.  Allowing you to keep your business compliant and keep your team members and agent selling.  It is designed to help you manage the complex processes associated with real estate transaction paperwork and keep the entire company on up-to-date on on-track.

What’s your favorite tech tool for real estate?


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If you think that we’ve missed out on a tech tool that can be really helpful for our real estate friends, let us know about it in comments. It could be anything from a productivity tool to AI-based lead generation tool to a virtual tour tool. If you’ve been benefited in any which way, we’d love to know about it.