Building a website is essential to establish yourself as a realtor in a highly competitive industry such as real estate.


Did you know that in 2018, over 44% of all homebuyers in the US used the internet to find the property they purchased?


Whether you have recently received your real estate license or if you are a veteran realtor, creating an online presence for yourself and your listings is a must. Otherwise, you risk missing out almost half of your potential clients!


Even if you’ve never built a website for professional purposes, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

By following a few steps, you can quickly create and launch your real estate website to maximize your online reach to nearby residents and those in your local area.


Choose Your Domain Name


A business name can make or break the success of a real estate agent online.

This is why you shouldn’t select a domain name that is difficult to remember, hard to spell, or irrelevant to the service you provide as such a name can result in a loss of new potential clients to represent.

Select a domain name that represents you personally and professionally, or that represents the range of real estate services you provide.

If your full name is too difficult to spell or remember, consider using a shortened version or making up an easy-to-spell alternative.


Remember that prospective clients will have an easier time locating you online or spreading the word of your services to other individuals they know if your domain name is short and spellable enough.





Select The Right Host For Your Website


WP Engine is a web host that is not only dedicated to providing lightning-fast speeds and loading times, but top-notch customer support from agents and developers alike.

Using WP Engine is highly recommended whether you are running a small local real estate business or if you are looking to scale your real estate services nationwide. WP Engine represents more than 100,000 WordPress developers, ensuring you are in the right hands when choosing a hosting package for your real estate website.

If the reliability, uptime, and speed of your website are important to you, choose WP Engine as a host you can trust.




Find a Tool To Build Your Website


If you have enough knowledge to develop your own website by yourself, you’ll be able to add any of the features you want in the future. However, building your own site from scratch will take way more time, so it’s highly advisable to select one of the website builders like WordPress, Weebly or Wix.


WordPress is a compact, all-in-one CMS solution that is extremely helpful with building an attractive, modern, and professional website from the ground-up with no experience necessary. It helps individuals create websites, even if they are unfamiliar with programming and design.

Using this tool for your real estate website is a way for you to customize your site even if you are unfamiliar with programming, coding, and web design yourself.


With WordPress, you can quickly add new blog posts, pages, and make changes to the overall layout of your website. Upload new photos, video media, and graphics to promote current listings, tours, and walkthroughs you want to share.

Additionally, you can use WordPress to allow comments from locals who are interested in learning more or from those who wish to provide you with testimonials and reviews.



Select a Website Theme


Whenever you are searching for a WordPress theme for your real estate website, it is important to verify that the theme is mobile-friendly and responsive.

Mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress themes automatically adjust to fit traditional desktop browser screens, mobile smartphone, and tablet device screens. Using a mobile-friendly and responsive layout will ensure you do not miss and opportunity to appeal to a potential client who is looking for a real estate agent.

You should choose a theme that has been downloaded, reviewed and tested heavily.  This will ensure that bug get worked out and the theme continues to be developed through the years.



Avada– Super high functioning WordPress theme

Astra – Super fast loading WordPress theme

Sign up for a WP Engine plan and receive the Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress Themes free! – Over all solid themes with a real estate specific child theme


Share Listings On Your Site


IDX, also known as the Internet Data Exchange, is a vital tool used by realtors who are interested in sharing their current listings online. The IDX system provides current laws, rules, regulations, certificates, licenses, and the latest technologies for real estate agents who are interested in building an online presence.

Integrating IDXBroker software with WordPress is a way to get your real estate website up and running without a hassle each time you attempt to publish a new listing.



Add Sold Listings To Your Website


IMPRESS Listings is fantastic free plugin that can bolster your Real Estate marketing and save you money.  This plugin could be used for a replacement to IDX, although I would recommend using it as a complimentary tool.

I like to use it to add sold listings to real estate websites.  If you are using a different CMS you can add the solds manually to your site.


This plugin can also be a replacement for the Single Property Websites that you may be paying for.  How you say…  Read This Blog Post To Find Out:

Creating Single Property Websites With Impress Listings



Include Client Testimonials On Your Website


Include client testimonials on your website to build immediate trust between new visitors and prospective clients.

Client testimonials help to establish yourself as a professional realtor while also reassuring those who are intere