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In this week’s episode, we continue our conversation about the differences between Fear and Anxiety. Special guest Ron Medved from the Pacific Institute along with GO co-hosts Paige Ward, Howard Chung, and Jason Fox share practical tips on overcoming anxiety as related to creating and sharing video content.

Episode 4 Video Transcript

[Music] welcome to the green ocean weekly
podcast a show to inspire current and
aspiring leaders in real estate
Paige Warren your host today as we begin
Emma sowed for this is actually a part
two last week we had in line to talk
about fear and anxiety and because of
the environment with black lives matter
we felt it was critical to touch base on
that and this week we’re gonna keep the
fear and anxiety topic but this week
we’re gonna apply it more to you and how
you can get over that fear and anxiety
when it comes to doing video and live
presentations for your business so we’ve
got some great tech tips coming up we’ve
got some great motivation and
inspiration coming up so I welcome you
today’s episode and here we go I hear
the word mindset all the time what what
is what you know every time we talk
about mindset we kind of can’t not talk
about growth minds up for those people
who don’t really understand that idea
growth mindset means continuous learning
does it not
you know continuous learning so fixed
mindset means I don’t wanna take risks
you know with my learning because it
hurts too bad I decide what I know I
decide who I am and you know I am
comfortable there someone who has a
growth mindset is someone who’s saying I
know I’m meant to grow you know I intend
to grow all my life one of the ways I’m
gonna grow best is learning from my
mistakes so I don’t want to make any
like terrible mistakes you know that I’m
gonna feel that’s good it gonna hurt me
really bad but I want to learn from well
I want to stay adventuresome I want to
keep exploring and you know if I make a
mistake I can learn from it so Ron do
you think it is just a mindset that
makes the difference between someone who
gets to a certain point and then they
just settle in and stay there versus
someone who knows that there’s always
more room to grow and I think it comes
from a core belief that that is
basically I was meant to grow I have a
lot of potential I have potential as a
kid I had potential as a teenager I had
potential early adult life I have
potential to explore all my life as
opposed to a limiting belief whatever my
limiting belief is is you know I you
know I did I didn’t come from family
that had money
you name it you know you we can come up
with sort of a list of limiting beliefs
and once we hold those we lock on to
those then we lock out you know the
opportunities to grow I think there is
this fine line between fear and limiting
beliefs and last week we start to talk
about changing the perspective of the
word fear instead of using the word fear
it might be anxiety right we’re anxious
where and we have anxiety and so anxiety
is a different approach tactically than
overcoming fear yeah and so I think
that’s one of the the fine lines is to
kind of think through that bit where
it’s just like oh I’ve got anxiety I got
fear or is it I’ve got a limiting belief
you know that I’m not able to do
something I’m not good at something and
by close to self talking so I really
feel like there’s a there’s there’s some
layers here that we’ve got to kind of
address you know I continue to think
about this Howard and when I think about
the fears in my life versus sort of the
anxieties in my life I mean I can only I
can only really think about three or
four times where I’ve really been scared
you know and and I mean scared for my
life or you know the saber-tooth Tiger
you know kind of scared everything else
you know in the anxiety category for me
now we’re
different we all have had different
experiences in our life and we’re having
them but you know when it comes to
business you know when it comes to sales
I can be anxious about a cold call I’m
not afraid of the cold call I think
there’s some mislabelling and I think
that there’s some redefinition and I
think that if we sit been some time sort
of redefining you know what’s going on
with me when I have call reluctance for
example what’s going on with me when I
procrastinate you know and I creative a
boy creatively avoid you know reaching
out to potential new clients so one of
the things I think is real timely right
now is it’s a fear of but maybe an
anxiety of being broadcast right and be
at the Facebook live YouTube videos this
podcast whatever I get really wound up
on Facebook live videos more so than
even this podcast or anything else
because you know there’s no editing and
it’s you know it’s my friends or family
I just luckily just dive in and do it
but yeah a lot of people just are not
able to do that right now so what how
can we address that you know one of the
things that I’ve been doing is I’ve just
been exposing myself to lots of
opportunities to sort of watch other
people do it and as I learn how other
people are doing it I mean one of the
things that we’ve discovered is that you
know it’s it’s important to do that as a
team it’s also okay to take baby steps
you know it’s a little overwhelming
sometimes when something is just too
much and if you just kind of start like
I know for me it was just participating
you know as a as an observer and zoom
and then I think I’d said an earlier
episode that my my knee-jerk reaction
when somebody said let’s set up a
meeting was like okay you send me an
invite you know and then I realized oh I
see what I’m doing so then I needed to
learn how to set it up myself and then
it is it’s just little bits it’s it’s
easier to digest and smaller bytes and
so because I think sometimes we look at
the big picture and it gets so
overwhelming we don’t do it at all the
saving grace
the saving grace you know when you you
get on and go and do the best you can is
you’re often authenticity you know that
is the thing that’s going to sort of
carry you that’s the thing that’s going
to communicate with other people so we
we’ve got to just really if we affirm
anything you know and if we have a
belief in our self about anything it’s
about being authentic not perfect but
that’s authentic so Howard I’m curious
because I know that you’re constantly
trying new things do you have any
techniques that you use that help you
kind of get over that hump of that
little bit of maybe whether you decide
is this am i afraid of something or I’m
anxious about something and how do I get
past that and I learned early on that
there are certain just phrases ideas
concepts that I need to be able to
articulate really well and when I have
certain go-to phrases then all of a
sudden all of the anxiety that I might
have kind of go away because I’ve gotten
certain ideas or concepts memorized so
for example but if somebody says how’s
the market I immediately have my go-to
conversations I know what to say how to
say it I can talk about months of
inventory I could talk about interest
rates I can talk about the three P’s
presentation promotion price which I’ve
been teaching about so many years so I
am very confident in certain
conversations and so when it comes to
video whether it’s live or pre-recorded
as long as I have got certain and I
guess go-to phrases also I’m a much more
comfortable level so oftentimes I find
that people don’t have those phrases
they’ve never really worked or practiced
on particularly how to articulate an
idea or a concept but that’s part of
sales we need to understand how to do
that and so I think that is always a a
way to go to that might well stay with
you for years and years so I always kind
of share well make sure you’ve you know
practiced but then what you’re
practicing is of the end to end of that
practice they need to be clear your
consumer has to be a very clear
for us oh I didn’t know that I didn’t
understand about price jumping or the
fact that a lower interest rate could
actually make a bigger impact on my
monthly payment than just you know
negotiating on the price of the house
for example so those are all ideas I
think are really helpful I just I have
some pre you know recorded thoughts
sales scripts that are on our own and of
course you know when we do make it our
own sounds natural we’d still sound
authentic but looks like you’re reading
or you’re trying to think through it
then it comes across of course like oh
you’re there salesy or it’s not
authentic and I think that is uh that’s
something we just have to practice it
reminds me of Russell Wilson the
separation is in the preparation like
that inspirational quote for the week[Laughter] yeah
the secret you know for for athletes and
it’s and I think it’s the secret for
business as well is you just set a chase
it’s practice you know it’s not
something that you know we want to avoid
but practice doesn’t necessarily make
perfect but practice makes you
comfortable and that’s what Howard was
saying when you get in front of a client
you you forget about the practice and
you just sort of flow creatively
subconsciously because again you’re
gonna be at your best when you’re when
you’re actually presenting
subconsciously but you can’t really get
there and unless you you’ve put in the
work before you know to practice you
know what goes back to that mindset
again to where instead of saying I have
to practice I get to practice I get to
practice I get to get better you know I
have nothing to lose by practicing but I
have so much to potentially gain so
that’s that’s kind of a fun way to look
at things I just you know when you went
to school you had to do something but
then maybe you choose to go to college
and you’re doing it by choice it just
seems more fun everything’s more fun
when when you want to do it or get to do
it rather than have to do it
no loot ice used to have a saying and he
would say this to himself is like
whenever he taught a seminar or whenever
he gave a taught talk it was always
wonderful as far as I was concerned I
mean he was a master master teacher but
Lou would say you know every time I
speak or every time I teach it’s it’s
it’s it is what it is but it’s also
practiced for the next time so he
considered you know everything that he
did to be to be practiced you know I
like to pull some little quotes here
occasionally but here’s what I want to
share is that a river cuts through a
rock not because of its power but
because of its persistence and we can
really really parlay that into practice
keep practicing keep practicing and
pretty soon you’re gonna have that
breakthrough you need to get to where
you want to be that’s pretty exciting
you know I’ve been doing videos and such
for a long time and you know actually
Howard and I started doing a video
YouTube video channel gosh I don’t know
10 years ago is and was before a lot of
people were doing it and I’m still
probably not pretty great at videos but
you know that’s just a lot of practice
and I remember the first view god I
couldn’t even watch them and and you’re
right Ron I would I’d go home and it was
a teaching moment it’s like ok the next
videos I’m going to do I’m gonna
definitely change some things you know
and it just you kind of keep at it and
and you know maybe it’ll never be my my
forte but I’m comfortable and I and I do
them and you know people enjoy them and
it’s just you know just because I stick
with it and kind of keep working on yeah
I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten to a point
now I want to improve and I you know I I
don’t want to have to suffer that you
know like that so what I’ve noticed
myself doing is like the second time I
go back and look at a video or the third
time I’m finding myself not paying
attention to the glitches but paying
attention to what I’m doing right and
that has been such an important
turn for me it’s so encouraging and then
I I can easily sort of in my own mind I
can say the next time I get in a
situation like that I’m gonna do more of
this or or that’s a good turn of the
phrase that I will use again and and so
and it’s really interesting it’s it’s
like I’ve developed a blind spot you
know to sort of the things that that
bothered me the most in the you know in
the beginning I love that Ronen isn’t
that there’s another mindset right there
instead of looking for what’s wrong look
for what’s right I mean you can always
improve on that but it’s you’re gonna
notice the stuff that you do wrong it
kind of tends to to reveal itself pretty
easily but isn’t it funny that we have
to look a little harder for what’s right
and make a conscientious decision to do
that and so that right there I think is
key to moving forward with anything to
start just changing the way you’re
looking at it look for what’s right the
negative has so much more of an impact
on us than the positive you know so one
of the reasons why that’s such a
stumbling block for most of us is
because if we get sort of a negative
impression of ourselves or if we see
ourselves making a mistake you know
it hurts and it hurts more than than the
positive I mean I think there’s a lot of
study that I’ve been exposed to that
that says that as well and the
simple-minded way to beat that is that
you just got to have more positive
experiences and negative experiences and
so back to practice again back to you
know thinking about what you’re doing
right and load up that positive side of
the scale because there’s always gonna
be those negatives there and you know
you have an unfair advantage to start
with and Ron you talk about negative
self-talk a lot and I know that was I
think we talked about that last week
even just don’t say stupid stuff about
yourself out loud and and I was like oh
yeah that’s it that’s a easy way for me
to remember like not doing negative
self-talk Jason I’ve got our old video
camera that we used back 13 years
when we first started to do you know
videos professionally but we’re editing
them and doing all that before mobile
phones could do that quality of video
okay um one of the things I want to kind
of bring us back on is the fact that
often times what’s happening when we’re
we have fear of video or anxiety of
doing video or reaching out especially
on the on my Facebook live for example
and there is going to be some of that
anxiety obviously it’s very similar to
public speaking people have you know
whether what we’ve all heard so many
times is that the number one fear that
people have is up public speaking and
when we are doing something like
Facebook live and we have all these
friends all of a sudden it says it’s as
if we are doing public speaking yeah and
so there’s this natural association I
think with doing something like video
and reaching out and things of that
nature what public speaking and so we’ve
got to kind of have some of these
tactics I think routine is a great one
where we are basically saying oh if I do
this routine today then it won’t seem so
tedious I’ve got less time for my brain
to a haba anxiety about it because it’s
just one of my routines I course I
communicate with all the people that I
care about you know whether it’s
one-on-one or in groups by zoom but
that’s absolutely got to be one of the I
guess the tactics is we use routine to
kind of overcome that anxiety one of the
way to sort of reduce your anxiety is to
come back inside of today in other words
a lot of times we have anxiety about the
future and one of the ways to calm
yourself down immediately is to say come
on back inside today you know and now
that I’m inside today what if you know
not what do I have to worry about but
what you know what do I need to pay
attention to you know and this is back
to neutral thinking and neutral thinking
is you know you have positive thinking
and negative thinking but neutral
thinking is
what can I do right now what is it today
that I can do I am NOT going to be a
master of video today but there’s
something that I can do today take step
in that direction right so us back to
the small steps page you know which
which you said what you but you keep in
control of what you have control over
and you have control over today okay
Jason we’ve been really looking forward
to this week’s tech tip what have you
got well just real quickly you know I
think being prepared when you do want to
hit that Facebook live or if you do want
to go ahead and start a video one of the
things that I like to have with me is a
portable tripod of some sort
they come in all kinds of different
sizes and shapes and you know you could
probably get one on Amazon for as low as
10 bucks I currently use a little
clip-on type version with bendable arms
and one holds my phone and the other
ones got a little ring light so no
matter where I am I can always shine a
little light and look my best you know
what’s an important part about what
you’re just sharing Jason is that a lot
of people have heard that tech tip
before like you should get a tripod you
get a get a little ring light but they
actually have an ordered one for me and
so what happens is that when you
actually get the ring light when you
actually get the tripod it kind of
forces us to diving a little bit deeper
into that technology into okay now I’ve
got you know fewer excuses now I
actually have a light I’ve got a tripod
I’ve played around with it
you know a lot of them even come with a
little Bluetooth remote control so I
really don’t have a reason or less of a
reason to go ahead and do this and I
think like we’re talking about the
affirmations and some of that positive
and even neutral thinking what can we do
today well what I could do today is
order a couple of these things and it’ll
kind of force me to practice like we’re
talking about don’t force me to go ahead
and try this out and then I’m gonna be
that much more comfortable and here’s
the thing most real estate professionals
still will not order a tripod a traffic
light right and so that’s something I
can do today it’s a small investment
I’m gonna practice it I’m gonna get
better at it and I think that’s just a
great tech tip I think never forget the
support of your friends and family
record something really quick and send
it to them you know just so you get used
to that and seeing yourself I think so
often we just think about the fact that
oh I’ve got to be so articulate well one
thing you shouldn’t ramble too long
we’ve all seen that however what about
just a simple birthday message it’s
somebody’s birthday today right and I
know that we’ve all heard this and maybe
we’ve even done it once or twice but on
a regular basis just Chuck on Facebook
whose birthday is it today
oh it’s three people’s birthdays today
why don’t I instead just typing in happy
birthday like you know 99% of what
everybody else knows I can just say hey
just want to give you a birthday
blessing so I always like to do those
birthday blessings you know and just
share a little something in terms of
from my heart why I care for them and
what I hope for them in the coming here
thank you so much for joining us we hope
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