Green Ocean Weekly Podcast

In this week’s episode, we continue our conversation about the differences between Fear and Anxiety. Special guest Ron Medved from the Pacific Institute along with GO co-hosts Paige Ward, Howard Chung, and Jason Fox share practical tips on overcoming anxiety as related to creating and sharing video content.

Episode 4 Video Transcript

[Music] welcome to the green ocean weekly
podcast a show to inspire current and
aspiring leaders in real estate
Paige Warren your host today as we begin
Emma sowed for this is actually a part
two last week we had in line to talk
about fear and anxiety and because of
the environment with black lives matter
we felt it was critical to touch base on
that and this week we’re gonna keep the
fear and anxiety topic but this week
we’re gonna apply it more to you and how
you can get over that fear and anxiety
when it comes to doing video and live
presentations for your business so we’ve
got some great tech tips coming up we’ve
got some great motivation and
inspiration coming up so I welcome you
today’s episode and here we go I hear
the word mindset all the time what what
is what you know every time we talk
about mindset we kind of can’t not talk
about growth minds up for those people
who don’t really understand that idea
growth mindset means continuous learning
does it not
you know continuous learning so fixed
mindset means I don’t wanna take risks
you know with my learning because it
hurts too bad I decide what I know I
decide who I am and you know I am
comfortable there someone who has a
growth mindset is someone who’s saying I
know I’m meant to grow you know I intend
to grow all my life one of the ways I’m
gonna grow best is learning from my
mistakes so I don’t want to make any
like terrible mistakes you know that I’m
gonna feel that’s good it gonna hurt me
really bad but I want to learn from well
I want to stay adventuresome I want to
keep exploring and you know if I make a
mistake I can learn from it so Ron do
you think it is just a mindset that
makes the difference between someone who
gets to a certain point and then they
just settle in and stay there versus
someone who knows that there’s always
more room to grow and I think it comes
from a core belief that that is
basically I was meant to grow I have a
lot of potential I have potential as a
kid I had potential as a teenager I had
potential early adult life I have
potential to explore all my life as
opposed to a limiting belief whatever my
limiting belief is is you know I you
know I did I didn’t come from family
that had money
you name it you know you we can come up
with sort of a list of limiting beliefs
and once we hold those we lock on to
those then we lock out you know the
opportunities to grow I think there is
this fine line between fear and limiting
beliefs and last week we start to talk
about changing the perspective of the
word fear instead of using the word fear
it might be anxiety right we’re anxious
where and we have anxiety and so anxiety
is a different approach tactically than
overcoming fear yeah and so I think
that’s one of the the fine lines is to
kind of think through that bit where
it’s just like oh I’ve got anxiety I got
fear or is it I’ve got a limiting belief
you know that I’m not able to do
something I’m not good at somet