Inbound Marketing to Turn Strangers into Real Estate Clients

Inbound marketing is simply the best way to attract and nurture new prospects online. ~ Laura Monroe of Inman News

I have a real estate broker friend that I have talked to for a while about what it is that I do.  The problem is what I do not, check that.. Can Not, do.

What I mean by that is this:

What We Do

We build G.L.A.M.R.ous WordPress Websites for our clients.  We add all the cool tools that make it as easy as possible for a real estate broker to run a successful Inbound Marketing campaign.

Then we blog as much as we can about how to run a successful Inbound Marketing campaign.  Meaning we run a successful Inbound Marketing campaign.  That is why you are reading this now.  (and Thank You!)

We do offer an SEO package including some link building and 4 blog posts per month that can used to create content for your social media and email marketing.

We also offer a Complimentary Members Area full of over 100 eBooks, Guides, Templates, White papers, and WordPress Training Videos.


What We Can’t Do

Manage your Inbound Marketing campaign… It is a big deal.  It requires a strategy and many moving pieces.  It requires many 3rd party applications, and a time commitment.

Most importantly it requires – YOU!

We can not Tweet for you

There are a few Real Estate Marketing companies that claim that their websites will generate Internet Leads.  While this might be true in some cases (I have had many clients tell me these services have produced nothing)  this is NOT ‘Inbound Marketing’.

It is ‘Digital Advertising’.


What is ‘Inbound Marketing’

Hubspot offers this handy infograph to help explain what it is:

inbound marketing

The process of turning Strangers into Promoters of your business using ‘Inbound Marketing’.

  • ATTRACT Strangers with
    • Blog Posts
    • Keywords
    • Social Media
  • CONVERT Visitors with
    • Forms
    • Calls to Action
    • Landing Pages
  • CLOSE Leads with
    • CRM
    • Email
    • Workflows
  • DELIGHT Customers with
    • Surveys
    • Smart Content
    • Social Monitoring

This, or any, ‘Inbound Marketing’ campaign will require a platform to “house” the different efforts.  This is where we believe that a:

  • WordPress Powered
  • Agent Evolution Themed
  • IDX Broker Infused
  • WP Engine hosted

Website with built-in:

  • Forms
  • Calls to action
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogging
  • Social Sharing
  • SEO

Is the best platform for the average Real Estate Broker or Real Estate Brokerage to run their ‘Inbound Marketing’ campaign.


What are the 6 Steps of Inbound Marketing

According to Pipeline ROI:

  1. Publish
  2. Promote
  3. Capture
  4. Nurture
  5. Close
  6. Analyze


If you have an extra few minutes and want to learn how to turn strangers into real estate clients you can watch the webinar below: