An ad either sticks or it doesn’t. Sadly, the ratio is usually in favor of the latter category.

It sucks.


You’ve invested time, money, resources, and talent into something that offers a punch in the gut at best.

You stand back up, shake it off, learn from your mistakes, and launch a new ad campaign. You do need new clients, don’t you?

What happens next?

Another punch. And another one. And another one.

How? Why? You’ve done everything by the book, found the right audience, split tested the campaigns, hired and fired several consultant agencies – you’ve done it all.

Where did you go wrong?

The odds are either your or your marketer chose the wrong advertising model.

Would you like to know a little professional secret about marketers? All of them are copycats by nature.

They see a creative Coke or Nike ad that hits all the sweet spots, find a dozen or so successful cases of it being used to skyrocket sales/lead generation/engagement rates by a million percent. Then they do the most rational thing – implement it.

Why wouldn’t they? There are people liking the ad. There’s the data supporting it. What are they missing? Oh, right, results.

They are missing results.


Persuasive Advertising


That Coke ad we’ve mentioned earlier was probably an example of persuasive advertising or if put more simply, an ad that relies heavily on an emotional response of the audience.

This Bic ad by Brilliant Ads is a prime example of persuasive advertising in action.


Persuasive advertising


Is it creative? Yes.

Does it inspire a laugh AKA an emotional response? Yes.

Do hundreds of people see it on a daily basis? Yes.

Will it work for Bic? Definitely.

The math adds up. You definitely should do something of that sort for your real estate business. Implementing a concept like that digitally on your website or social media channels shouldn’t be too expensive. And with an ad like that your biggest worry an overblown database of contacts and some carrier lookup issues.

But it won’t. An ad like that won’t work for a real estate business due to the lack of resources. You won’t have the money to pull it off.

Hey, didn’t I just read that I can recreate the concept digitally, you ask?

Yes, you definitely can. But will people stop what they are doing, get out of the car, take a picture with your website and then share it with their friends and family on social media?

Yes, an ad like that is brilliant for Bic but, sadly, it does not take your business into consideration. Or, in simpler words, it won’t work for your real estate website.

Let’s take a look at a different, more down-to-earth example of an ad from the endlessly creative Brilliant Ads.


brilliant ads


The visual is juicy, flavorful, and oh-so-hot. It’s also simple and fairly applicable in a digital space. We might even go as far as to say that this is one of the world’s best ketchup ads.

Its only downside in our case is that this is a ketchup ad. It is designed to generate an urge for spontaneous shopping. The mouthwatering design makes you want to buy the sauce right this instance.

Heck, it might even come up your mind then next time you’ll take a grocery shopping trip to Whole Foods.

Alas, it will hardly convince you to invest real estate.

There’s simply too much thinking behind buying, renting, or investing in a house. You, or your marketer, should consider your client’s thought process before planning the next ad campaign.


Persuasive Advertising in Real Estate


Does this mean that real estate businesses should shy away from using persuasive advertising?

Not unless you don’t want to persuade your clients.

But if you do, there are several tricks that can help!


Persuasive Adverting Tricks For Real Estate

  • The carrot and the stick. It’s funny how different people tend to follow the same patterns. We are hardwired to urge for pleasure and shy away from danger. That’s why clever marketers tend to use the Carrot and Stick approach of Motivation in advertising.
    Find a painkiller to your client’s pain, and use it as a carrot. Something like our background check service will save you the pain of hearing “No” from the landlord should do the trick.
    Alternatively, you can use the stick of fear, with something like “Get our mayhem-proof insurance plan as part of the package”. Mayhem is scary. Who doesn’t want to be mayhem-proof?
  • Stick to a single message. It’s simply easier to reach for emotion with one clear, concise, and powerful line of text.
  • Do it for the people. And don’t forget to address the people you are doing things for. Writing website copy in second person is much more powerful than you think.
  • The Scarcity Principle. Why do iPhones sell so wheel despite being obsolete if compared to the competition with better and cheaper solutions? They are (or they really try to look like) something exclusive. Limitation and exclusivity give way for people to execute their phantasies of dominance. Also, they work like clockwork.
  • Go wild with CTAs. Wha