You have a problem on your hands if you have a website for your real estate business and its pages take a long time to load.




Load speed is a very important issue for Internet users, so if your website’s load speed is slower than usual, you have to do whatever you can to speed things up, or you risk losing a lot of business.


Image Optimization


One way you can speed up the load speed of your website is to optimize the images on it.

Unoptimized images are typically large and therefore eat up a lot of your server resources. This slows down the entire loading process.

You need to reduce the size of the images, but in a way that won’t compromise their quality.

Fortunately, there are plugins that are capable of compressing your images without affecting their quality.

  1. (free)
  2. WP Smush (free version and paid version)


Custom Fonts


Minimizing the use of custom fonts can also help speed up your site.

Custom fonts may look great, but they use plenty of JavaScript or CSS. This code-heaviness affects the loading speed of your site’s loading speed, so if it’s possible to avoid using them, just do so.

However, if you must use custom fonts because they’re necessary, then limiting their use to headings or anywhere vital would help keep the site lighter and faster.




Speaking of codes, “minifying” them would also help boost your site’s loading speed.

Your website’s code is filled with thousands upon thousands of characters, which shouldn’t be a problem if every single one of them is necessary.

However, many of them may already be redundant and do nothing but make the website heavier. Lighten up your site by “minifying” your website’s code, which is simply removing all the redundant and therefore unnecessary characters in your code.

So if you’re into coding, minify your site right away. If you don’t do coding, then use any of the minifying tools available online, or get someone else to do it.

  1.  Autoptimize (free)
  2. WP Rocket (paid)


Reasons To Boost Your Website Page Speed Infographic


If you need more convincing to do any of the above, just check out the infographic below for reasons to boost your website’s loading speed and make it SEO-friendly.


Reasons Why You Should Boost Your Page Speed

Courtesy of: SEO Phoenix