The real estate industry is extremely competitive, and agents are generally so busy they don’t have time to even think about marketing. While your brokerage may handle much of your marketing, taking a local approach to your marketing strategy can give you an edge above the competition.


Focusing on your local community can build your credibility and give you a loyal customer base that will continuously provide referrals for you.

Focusing on your local community can build your credibility and give you a loyal customer base that will continuously provide referrals for you.Click To Tweet


Here are five simple tips for upping your marketing in your local community.



1. Take advantage of direct mail


Some say that print is dead, but statistics show that sending direct mail to your clients can boost sales. The great thing about direct mail is that it is memorable for customers. We are so used to getting bills in the mail that receiving an exciting and colorful postcard will stand out and get our attention.


Another great thing is that direct mail is often easier for customers to understand. The writing and content on direct mail is pretty clear and straightforward—whereas an email with tips, tricks and other information can cause your customers to lose focus and miss the call to action. However, customers will understand what to do when you send them a postcard with your name, number and current listings. Try using an online flyer creator to get started.



2. Be easy to find online


Many homebuyers are already doing a lot of the legwork required in the homebuying process by using the internet. Online homebuyers are:


  • Searching for homes
  • Taking virtual tours
  • Researching real estate agents
  • Reading reviews
  • Using calculators
  • Buying homes


In order to get clients’ attention, you need to have a quality online presence. This includes a customer-friendly website, valuable content, and being visible in search engines. Using SEO, you can rank higher on searches that involve your local area. This will bring more traffic to your website as more people find you through their searches.


3. Personalize your responses


No one wants to get generic responses for questions regarding their future home. By personalizing your messages to your clients, they will come to trust you with their business and their referrals.


Your clients put a lot of trust in you and need to know that you’re there for them throughout the homebuying process. Sending generic automated emails, texts, and other messages will make them feel less important. Some personalized touches you can add to your marketing are:


  • A localized gift basket when the sale closes
  • Useful information about schools, parks & community activities
  • Handwritten notes of gratitude
  • Personal and unique responses in each email or text message


4. Create valuable information


Become an authority on real estate in your community and provide useful materials for your clients and others in your area. You will be seen as an authority figure, and people in the area will trust you with their business.


This will build your clientele in the area, and as you post this information online through your blog, website or social media using a content marketing strategy, clients who are moving to the area will be more likely to hire you as their agent.


Some examples of valuable information might be:


  • How to stage your home
  • What to look for when buying a new home
  • Insights on the schools in the area
  • How to find the right real estate agent


5. Stand out on social media


Many people find their real estate agents and their future homes through social media. Keep an active account that contributes to your online community. Find out which social media platforms are popular in your community and with your target audience, then create high-quality profiles on those platforms.


One of the best things you can do on social media to boost your local credibility is to regularly collaborate with local businesses. Post pictures of local events and promote businesses in the area. You will become more entrenched in the community, and its members will trust and respect you more. For an extra boost, try using Facebook Ads.


Key takeaway


As a real estate agent, the best place for you to market is in your own local community. As you build your credibility and brand in the area, community members will trust you to help them through the homebuying process—as well as their friends and family. By focusing on local marketing, you will see an increased interest in your business and enjoy a growing customer base.





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