Best Times To Post to Social Media to Increase Effectiveness

What Time You Post Can Increase Your Social Media Effectiveness! What are the Best Times?


“There’s a fundamental distinction between strategy and operational effectiveness.” ~ Michael Porter


Analytics and Data are the tools we can use to easily turn a strategy into actual results.  Not all Real Estate Marketing decisions are made as easy as when to post to your social media.


When I first started down this path… all I knew was what I thought I knew.  Now I say… Let’s look at the data!


Your social media audience has certain times that they are viewing your social media channels.

Social Media Strategy:

If I want More Shares on Facebook
  • Be Consistent

Social Media Effectiveness:

If I want More Shares on Facebook
  • Post on Friday at 1pm
  • DATA

One is a good rule of thumb, the other is the analytics gathered from real life data that gives us the science behind what people really want.

 When you get data like what is presented in this post… why wouldn’t you use it.

I only wish there was data available for all the Real Estate Marketing decisions we have to make.

 *The data presented in this post was gathered from many trusted sources including:

    • Kiss Metrics
    • Linkedin Business
    • BufferApp
    • AddThis
    • Social Media Today
    • Mashable


The Science Behind Best Times To Post for Social Media Effectiveness



Best Days to Post:

Thursday to Friday

Best Time of the Day to Post:

  • 1pm to Get More Shares
  • 3pm to Get More Clicks
  • Generally 9am -7pm


If you want to find the exact time for your Facebook Audience use this Tool.



Best Days to Tweet:

If you Market to Other Businesses

    • Weekdays

If you Market directly to Clients

    • Weekends
    • Wednesdays

Best Times To Tweet:

  • 5pm for Retweets
  • 12pm and 6pm for Generating Traffic with Links (CTR)


If you want to find the exact time for your Twitter Audience use this Tool.



Best Days to Post to Linkedin:

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

Best Times to Post to Linkedin:

According to Linkedin:

Weekdays during Business Hours

According to AddThis:

Tuesdays between 10-11am

According to Fannit:

Tuesday-Thursday between 7-8am and 5-6pm



Best Day to Pin:


Best Times to Pin:

8pm – 11pm



Best Days to Post:

Monday (although Instagram stays fairly consistent all week, dipping on Sunday)

Best Times to Post:

  • Off Work Hours
  • If Work Hours 3-4pm



Best Days to Post:


Best Times to Post:



If you want to find the exact time for your Facebook Audience use this Tool.

Be sure to save the infographic below and use it as a chart to remember when the Best Times To Post for Social Media Effectiveness are:

The Best Times To Increase Social Media Engagement
Infographic courtesy of: Quicksprout

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