Online marketing has become crucial for real estate lead generation. In fact, more than 4 in 10 recent home buyers start their property searches online, while less than 2 in 10 first contact a real estate agent, according to the National Association of Realtors.

With online searches playing a major role in the home buying process, it’s crucial any visitors to your website have a friendly user experience that steers them in the right direction to potentially buy a new home. This means your website needs to deliver superior customer service. With that in mind, here are three keys to improving your customer service performance.


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1. Provide Valuable Information to Website Visitors


Visitors will visit your website in different stages of the home buying process, with some still in the early stages seeking useful information, while others may be closer to actually buying a property.

To serve your full range of visitors, it’s important to provide valuable information for home buyers in all stages of the buying process.

For visitors who are closer to buying a property, you’ll want your website to include an internet data exchange feature, which provides visitors with up-to-date MLS property listings.

Meantime, for visitors who may be curious in a new home or who are in the initial stages of the home buying process, your best bet is to provide useful how-to blog and FAQ content to answer those burning questions that keep people up at night. Create your own content or link to authoritative industry websites like Zillow.

For an easy to easy to implement content marketing strategy you can visit this link:

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It is also important that you have your real estate website optimized for maximum lead conversion.  If you need help with this you can read more about it here:

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2. Use CRM Tools to Deliver Personalized Service


After visitors have “opted in” and are curious about contacting you for their home buying needs, the most essential tool for delivering them great service is through any number of customer relationship management tools.

In fact, more than two-thirds of real estate agents and brokers rely on CRM apps to track customer information through easy-to-use databases.

CRM apps automate tasks such as maintaining contact information, tracking interactions with a prospect and collecting information about what type of property a prospect is looking for.

Ultimately, this allows you to deliver more personalized service based on a prospect’s individual needs.


3. Respond Quickly to Prospect Emails


Another advantage of using a CRM tool is that it makes it easier for you to quickly get in touch with prospects.

In fact, the time it takes you to return customer emails and phone calls can make all the difference in either closing or potentially losing a sale. Moreover, your odds of establishing contact with a new lead are high if you respond within five minutes as compared to half an hour.

Potential leads may attempt to contact you through a number of support channels, including live chat, phone and email. But the most efficient way to manage these communication tools is by using a contact center cloud solution, which will provide you a single omnichannel interface to connect with your prospects.

Optimize the efficiency of your cloud contact center by integrating it with automated tools like chatbots and interactive voice response, which can respond to prospects when you leave the office out and can send you instant text notifications when a hot lead comes in.



The three keys to delivering superior customer service through your real estate website:

  1. Providing valuable information
  2. delivering personalized service
  3. responding quickly to communications

Ultimately, putting these strategies into practice may very well help you generate more web-based leads, increase satisfaction with visitors to your website and help you sell more listings.