Working as a realtor can be a great way to experience financial freedom and the flexibility of how you spend your time each day.

It can also be a harsh dose of reality.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics real estate agents earned a median salary of $47,880 in 2017. The best-paid earned about $109,490, the lowest-paid earned approximately $$23,130. (

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics show real estate agents earned a median salary of $47,880 in 2017. The best-paid earned about $109,490, the lowest-paid earned approximately $$23,130. ( To Tweet


If you are in the lowest percentile, you may not have financial freedom but you will have all the work schedule flexibility you could want.  Although, in this scenario that may not be the outcome your looking for.

So the question is how do you get yourself into the upper percentile?

Once you have obtained your Washington state real estate licensing certification and you are ready to start working with new clients, there are a few marketing tips to keep in mind while building your professional reputation.

Understanding the importance of marketing for realtors can ultimately mean the difference between outperforming your local competition, driving sales home, and racking up new clients and falling short of your expectations in the real estate market and only making $23,130.

Build a Brand for Yourself


When you want to stand out among hundreds or even thousands of local realtors in your area, building a brand for yourself is essential.

Create a logo that meshes well with the real estate company you represent along with how you want to be perceived by prospective clients who are genuinely interested in learning more about your services and want to get to know you.


Branding sets you apart from copycat real estate websites and representatives and allows you to receive more referrals and interest than generic realtors who do not believe in marketing and branding their abilities. Consider what sets you apart from other local realtors and implement these skills throughout your website and professional portfolio.


I have had good luck using The Logo Company to create logos and a reasonable price of $199.


An Official Website is Necessary for Professionals


When you want to be taken seriously by new clients and prospective clients, having an official website is a must.

Launching a website with tools such as WordPress allows you to reach your intended audience while delivering an appealing and useful website that does not require extensive programming knowledge or experience.


Using WordPress for your real estate website is a way to:

  • Share Blog Posts
  • Your Listings
  • Your Sold Listings
  • Your Reviews
  • Your Featured Communities
  • Your Skills
  • Your Videos

With a sleek, modern, and responsive design.

Ensuring your website loads properly for all visitors whether they are browsing on their mobile smartphones, a traditional desktop computer, or even a tablet device is imperative to avoid missing out on potential opportunities to obtain new clients.


Boost Your Search Engine Ranking


Did you know that most users who access search engines are only likely to browse the first page of search results?

Boosting your official website’s SEO (search engine optimization) is key to stand out among other realtors in your area. With a high-ranking website, attract more organic traffic and prospective clients even without direct referrals to your site.

Boosting your search engine ranking is possible with original and unique content, active social media pages, creating a robust Google My Business account, adding your site to directory sites while using a consistent NAP (Business Name, Address, Phone Number), and links from outside websites and sources.


Showcase Your Portfolio


Once you have launched an official website, design and create a portfolio that allows you to showcase your sold properties and the other work you have done as a professional realtor.

With a system such as WordPress in place, creating a portfolio slideshow or gallery has never been easier. Add photos, video media, and descriptions of homes you are currently representing on the market or those you have sold in the past.

A well-designed portfolio encourages more engagement on your website and also provides an incentive for those who are currently in the market to work with you.

With a properly designed website and a robust portfolio, build the trust necessary to attract new clients while receiving referrals from those you have helped in the past.


Social Media


Create social media pages for your professional realtor services.

I am currently recommending that every real estate agent have a Facebook Profile, Facebook Business Page, Instagram account, Youtube Channel and Linkedin account.  If you still have time add a Pinterest and Twitter account.


Avoid solely using your personal social media pages when attempting to advertise and marketing to new prospective clients, especially if you are currently working on building a professional reputation for yourself in the industry. Social media pages provide new platforms to maximize your online reach while also offering tools such as ad managers to keep track of the campaigns you launch locally and regionally.


Take advantage of social media Ads with A/B testing to determine the type of messaging and imagery that works best for your intended audience and the clients you want to reach. Learn more about the wants and needs of your clients with A/B testing and by launching multiple ad campaigns that represent you as a realtor simultaneously.


Create a social media calendar to ensure you do not lose the interest of your current followers while providing more opportunity to reach new prospective clients and customers. Routinely and consistently posting updates to your social media pages is a way to keep those who follow you interested in what you have to say while prompting more engagement from them.


I currently use a service called Post Planner and you can get started for only $3 month.


Answer questions and inquiries directly on your social media pages to encourage more engagement while also showcasing your transparency as a real estate agent and representative. Avoid ignoring or deleting comments that are visible to the public, as this can quickly lead to backlash and a loss of followers. The more transparent you appear, the easier it becomes to gain the trust of your followers and those who are in need of a realtor’s representation.


Remind Your Subscribers of Your Services


Another reason to get involved with digital marketing as a realtor is the ability to take advantage of a newsletter subscription list you have created.

Send email reminders to those who have subscribed reminding them of the services you offer along with your availability calendar. Create segmented email groups to send specific and personalized messages to those who have utilized your services in the past or for those who have informed you that they are interested in working with you.

Use email lists to keep in touch with current, past, and prospective clients without blasting unwanted advertisements to them directly.


I have used Mailchimp for my email marketing for the last decade and have had very good luck.




When you become familiar with both local and online marketing, ensure you stand out as a professional real estate agent whether you focus on single-family homes or large properties.

The more engaged you become with your own personal marketing strategies, the easier it is to reach your intended audience and prospective clients.

Start by focusing on:

  • Branding
  • Building a Responsive WordPress IDX Website
  • SEO
  • Social